The Perfect Case Study for Trusting Other Network Recruiters

Bob SmallWhile Bob Small of Carroll Technology Services, Inc. may have made his 50th Network placement with Dave M. Sgro of True North Consultants, Inc. recently, it was a split placement he made with Sgro’s father—Dave J. Sgro—that prompted Small to call the Top Echelon offices and praise the elder Sgro.

Small did so because of the way in which the placement occurred.

Earlier this year, Small submitted a candidate to Sgro for a specific job order.  That candidate went on numerous interviews with Sgro’s client, but did not receive an offer.  As is often the case, time went by and Small forgot all about the fact that he sent the candidate to Sgro.

Then, two months ago, Small was on the phone with Sgro discussing another matter, when Sgro said to him, “By the way, your [candidate] is getting an offer.”

Apparently, Sgro received a new job order, and he thought that Small’s candidate would be a good fit for the position.  He moved quickly, prepping the candidate and setting up an interview.

“I said to Dave, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?  I would have prepped him!’” said Small.  “Dave did everything.  I actually feel badly that I didn’t do more.”

As it turned out, Small and Sgro placed a Staff IT Audit, and when all was said and done, Small received a check in the mail for $6,674.  According to Small, there are three aspects of this placement that stand out the most:

David J. Sgro1. Sgro considered Small’s candidate for the position instead of trying to place one of his own in an attempt to secure a full fee.

2. Sgro did ALL the prepping of the candidate and set up the interview.

3. Sgro TOLD Small that he had placed his candidate, even though it wasn’t in the position for which Small had originally submitted the candidate, and then mailed him a check for half of the placement fee.

“Kudos to Dave,” said Small.  “He’s a great split partner. He was looking out for me and thought of my candidate first.  I really appreciate it.  I can’t say enough good things about Dave J. and Dave M.  They’re great to work with.”

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