What is YOUR Networking Mindset as a TE Recruiter?

Now that we’ve identified and explored the five stages of a networker, we’re going to apply these stages to the nine essential elements for success in Top Echelon Network.

Specifically, we’re going to examine the attitudes that Network recruiters in each of the five stages have about these elements. In short, their networking mindset.

Why? Because it’s these attitudes that determine Network recruiters’ ultimate level of success in Top Echelon. (In other words, how many split placements they make.)

The first of the essential nine elements that we’ll address is mindset.

The networking mindset in 5 stages

Below is an examination of that element through each of the five stages of a networker.


They’ve heard that networking is a good way to go, but they’re extremely skeptical. In most cases, they want networking to work for them, but many times they’re not prepared to give it the initial time investment required for it to work.


They also feel that networking can help them, but they still need to see results before they’re a true believer in split business.


These recruiters know that networking should be a steady percentage of their business. In addition, they know split business can make a good year a great year and a bad year survivable.


They have the frame of mind that split business is a percentage of their business that is no longer optional. They expect split placements and work to make them happen.


Not only do they take their split business very seriously, but they also even enjoy splitting. They’re good at it, and they like it!

What is YOUR networking mindset as a Top Echelon recruiter?

In my next blog post in this series, I’ll examine the essential element of Trust, which also happens to be one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network.

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