The Fall Conference is Set for October 11-12 in Chicago!

Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSI have great news: the dates AND the location for the 2012 Top Echelon Network Fall Conference have been set!

Those dates are Thursday, October 11, and Friday, October 12.

The location, of course, is Chicago.  More specifically, though, the location is the Sheraton Gateway Suites.  We’ve held the Fall Conference at the Suites countless times in the past, but last year we deviated from that routine and the site of the conference was the Embassy Suites.

However, we’re excited to be back at the Sheraton, and we’re excited to invite you to join us in Chicago for another great event.  There was a healthy turnout recently at the National Convention in Nashville, and we anticipate that attendance at the Fall Conference could be even higher.

Below are some things you should look for in the weeks and months ahead:

  • The cost of the convention—We’ll be releasing “Early Bird Registration” soon.
  • The room rate for the hotel—We’re in the process of negotiating that, and we’ll announce that, as well.
  • The speaker for the convention and the preliminary agenda—We’ll release this information at the same time we release “Early Bird Registration.”

In the meantime, circle the dates for the Fall Conference on your calendar: Thursday, October 11, and Friday, October 12.  Make plans to join us in Chicago.

And remember . . . I’ll know if you’re not there.

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