Teamwork and Relationships Result in TE Placements

There’s a big reason that we stress building relationships and utilizing teamwork in Top Echelon’s recruiting network.

Because it results in more placements!

Sure, software is great. Yes, technology is amazing. However, does that alone hold the key to more production as a recruiter? No, it does not. You need more. And that’s what Top Echelon offers to its members.

Trust, teamwork, and multiple splits

Below are three prime examples of how teamwork between two recruiters during the hiring process can result in placements. And we’re not talking about single, isolated, one-off instances of placement success. For some of these split recruiting partners, we’re talking about multiple placements. They’ve made placements in the past, they’re making them now, and they plan to make more in the future.

Trust is arguably the most important Pillar of Top Echelon Network. When you find a trading partner that you trust, there is no better situation than that. Trust is the building block for a great relationship, and when you have a great relationship in Top Echelon, making split placements is almost a foregone conclusion.

If you want help finding trading partners in TE, please contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. Drea has over 12 years of experience helping recruiters build trading partner relationship Top Echelon Network. And he can help YOU, too.

You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

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Dan Trudeau of The PRA Group, Inc.

Dan Trudeau

Diva Milani of Tuscany Enterprises

Diva Milani

“Diva sent this candidate to us because she felt he was a good hardware engineer, and she knows we always have a need for them. We’ve done significant work together, so she has a good sense of this. We sent [the candidate] in for three different hardware engineering positions, but this one, in autonomous driving, was the best fit. Our close work with Diva continues to pay off as together, we locate some of the hardest-to-find candidates out there. ”

Submitted by Dan Trudeau of The PRA Group, Inc. regarding his Network split placement with Diva Milani of Tuscany Enterprises


Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: This is the sixth Network split placement that Dan and Diva have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

Michael Brown of Seneca Creek Executive Search

Michael Brown

David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants, Inc.

David M. Sgro, CPC

“Thank you so much, Mike, for really being key to making this deal happen! I don’t do many sales placements, so you provided a lot of guidance through the process.”

Submitted by David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants, Inc. regarding her Network split placement with Michael Brown of Seneca Creek Executive Search, LLC


Fee Percentage—22%

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split placement that David and Michael have made together in Top Echelon.)

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