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Up next in our Top Producers series of posts in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog is a relatively new Network recruiter who has been generating momentum over the past year.

That recruiter is Catherine Bateman of Woods & Paolino Recruiting Solutions, and the momentum she’s generating has been based on the basics of Network Membership,

Catherine Bateman of Woods and Paolino Recruiting Solutions

Catherine Bateman

the fundamentals that every Network recruiter should practice.

Specifically, those basics are Quality and Communication, which just happen to be two of the Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network.

By mastering the fundamentals, Bateman has made four Network split placements in the past seven months, and she’s put herself in a great position to make even more placements in the future.

And THAT is why Quality and Communication are important: because Trading Partner relationships that exhibit these two Pillars are more likely to produce split placements.  Sure, they represent an investment of time and energy, but as you can see, it’s an investment can bring with it a tremendous (financial) return . . .

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What have been the keys to your success in Top Echelon Network?

“The key so far has been finding the right people with whom to work.  I guess success is relative.  I hope to be much more successful going forward.”

What value do you believe the Network provides for your firm?

“Networking between importers and exporters is very valuable.  Since we are primarily exporters at Woods and Paolino Recruiting solutions, [Top Echelon] is our main source of jobs for our candidates.”

Who are the Trading Partners you’ve been working with?

Paul Johnson, Rob Spaulding, Bob Gabor, and Michael Stuck are some of my favorites.”

Why do the relationships you have with your Trading Partners work so well?

“They are professional and excellent at communication.  They all collaborate to be sure their clients get the best candidates.  I don’t always get the placement, but I do leave the process on their JOs knowing they and I worked together.”

How would you describe the activity level in your niche?  (Bateman places Sales & Marketing and Retail Management professionals, among others.)

“Low.  Although I have experience in a number of areas, I enjoy the Sales & Marketing roles.”

What advice would you give to a new Preferred Member recruiter just starting out?

“Spend time on the front end of working a job order.  Look at the placement history of the importer, the number of job orders they have posted, and call and email them to be sure they communicate.

“In my opinion, success will come from the quality of the Trading Partner over the quality of the job order presented.”