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Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks.  What does that mean?  I have no idea, but I just like saying it.  Anyway, we’ve made some decisions in regards to listing Top Echelon Network’s placements in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

First and foremost, starting this week, we’re only going to publish the Completed Placements, as opposed to both the Completed Placements AND the Offers Accepted.  The reason: some recruiters are squeamish about publicizing an offer because, of course, the deal can still fall through.  So . . . once everybody has their money, we’ll highlight your placement in The Pinnacle.

Second, you can opt out of having your placement highlighted, if you so choose.  All you have to do is send an email to indicating your desire to be left out of the fray.  Once you do so, you won’t be included in future installments of this feature.  If you’d like to see the amount of the fees associated with each of these placements, all you have to do is login to the Members’ Area and click on the profiles of the recruiters involved.  The fee totals will be listed along with those placements.




Kristin JilesCarolyn BarcusJob order recruiter: Carolyn Barcus of Barcus Associates

Candidate recruiter: Kristin Jiles of eSearchPro, Inc.


Action causing placement: This was a referral from another of Kristin’s candidates who interviewed for the same job.


 — — —


Arthur RogoveBetsy HarperJob order recruiter: Betsy Harper of Sales and Marketing Search, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Arthur Rogove of Merit Consulting, Inc.


Action causing placement: Drea [Codispoti] put in touch with 6-8 recruiters who work in this area.  Art was one of them.  I called all.


 — — —


Larry BakerTrey CameronJob order recruiter: Larry Baker of Computer Careers

Candidate recruiter: Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group


Action causing placement: The job seeker or client was found through my Hiring Hook recruitment website design.


 — — —


John SnyderO NEWSLETTERS PINNACLE Recruiter Pictures with Names Pat McCombsJob order recruiter: Pat McCombs of KB Search Team, LLC

Candidate recruiter: John Snyder of CareersPro, Inc.


Action causing placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member.


 — — —



Larry GoldbergJohn ZurekJob order recruiter: John Zurek of Zurek Professional Resources, LLC

Candidate recruiter: Larry Goldberg of Lawrence Personnel


Action causing placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —

Ross Causley, CTSBob LongJob order recruiter: Bob Long of Executive Personnel Services

Candidate recruiter: Ross Causley, CTS of QCI Technical Staffing


Action causing placement: The job order or candidate was found by searching Top Echelon Network’s Split Database.


 — — —


Sean NapolesWendy JohnsonJob order recruiter: Wendy Johnson of Professionals Incorporated

Candidate recruiter: Sean Napoles of Career Brokers, Inc.

Job title: .NET P/A

Action causing placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —

Larry GallinJim FolgerJob order recruiter: Jim Folger of ONESource Technical, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Larry Gallin of Gallin Associates


Action causing placement: Candidate was submitted for a job last year and was hired by the client for a different job this year.


 — — —


Job order recruiter: Patrick Walsh of the PSW Group

Candidate recruiter: Denise Milano-Sprung of JA Pharma, Inc.


Action causing placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —


Chris BurchellMatt BrunsJob order recruiter: Chris Burchell of Recruiting Excellence

Candidate recruiter: Matt Bruns of the North Peak Group


Action causing placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —


Juli SmithJob order recruiter: Juli Smith of The Smith Consulting Group, LLC

Candidate recruiter: Angela Marasco of A. Marasco Recruiting, LLC


Action causing placement: We found a client that had hired this candidate behind our back last year and are now just invoicing.


— — —

Be sure to check future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for more Offers Accepted and Completed Placements!

Many of the craziest recruiting stories that we present here have to do with the candidate . . . namely, something that the candidate does or something that happens TO the candidate.  Take, for instance, last week’s crazy recruiting stories.

Eric BergIf that’s Exhibit A, then this week’s story is Exhibit B.  The story in question is courtesy of Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter Eric Berg of JN Adams & Associates, Inc.  Berg specializes in the placement of professionals in the Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing industries.

Berg’s story is a short one, but it’s undoubtedly one that he won’t ever forget.

“I worked with a Manufacturing candidate over a period of time, and I referred him for a middle management position.  He had a good background and a clean resume.  And then he went on the interview and showed up in a dress.”

Needless to say, Berg’s client did not extend an offer of employment, full-time or otherwise.  However, all was not lost for Berg, especially what was most important.

“We didn’t lose the client,” he said. “But what appeared on paper and was heard over the phone was obviously not the person who showed up for the interview.  In 10 years, I’ve had applicants show up drunk.  That’s not a big deal, but this was a bit unsettling.”

— — —

Remember, there are three ways you can submit your “Craziest Recruiting Story”:

  1. You can email your story to
  2. You can post the story by including it in the comments section at the end of this blog.
  3. You can give me a call and relay your story to me.

The deadline for submitting your “Craziest Recruiting Story of 2011” is midnight on Saturday, December 31.  We’ll announce the winner during the first part of January in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog and also on “Top Echelon TV.”

Send us your stories . . . and may the craziest win.

— — —

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'Comments' and Compliments

It just so happens that in our ever-popular “Comments and Compliments” segment in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, themes and editions emerge periodically.  These things aren’t planned; they just sort of happen all by themselves . . . which is what also makes them so much fun.

Well, that’s once again the case this week, as we have a pair of comments/compliments from the same Network recruiter regarding two separate Trading Partners and two different split placements.  Not only that, but both placements involve the same type of job position.  So really, how could we pass that up? We couldn’t, that’s how!

If you’d like to compliment your Trading Partner for a recent split placement (or placements), send your comments to

— — —

Carolyn BarcusKristin Jiles“The candidate who referred [this candidate] interviewed with the manager and liked him, but accepted another position.  He recommended [this candiate] directly to me and acted as a reference for him, as well.  The only problem was convincing Kristin she deserved half of this fee!”

Submitted by Carolyn Barcus of Barcus Associates regarding her split placement with Kristin Jiles of eSearchPro, Inc.

Position Title—New Business Sales Executive
Fee Percentage—20%

— — —

Carolyn BarcusKim Fowler“Mike Cimer and Fowler Placement have an extraordinary number of good candidates shared in the system.  Some are a little long in the tooth, but [Mike and Kim are] more than happy to update, get a new resume, or whatever else you ask [them] to help with.  If you work Technology Sales and Support searches and are not checking out their shared candidates in the Split Candidate Database, you’re no doubt missing out on some placements.”

Submitted by Carolyn Barcus of Barcus Associates regarding her split placement with Kim Fowler of Fowler Placement Services, Inc.

Position Title—New Business Sales Executive
Fee Percentage—20%

— — —

Remember, if you have compliments for a Trading Partner regarding a split placement, please email those compliments to