‘Crazy’ Recruiting Story: How Not to ‘Dress’ for Success . . .

Many of the craziest recruiting stories that we present here have to do with the candidate . . . namely, something that the candidate does or something that happens TO the candidate.  Take, for instance, last week’s crazy recruiting stories.

Eric BergIf that’s Exhibit A, then this week’s story is Exhibit B.  The story in question is courtesy of Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter Eric Berg of JN Adams & Associates, Inc.  Berg specializes in the placement of professionals in the Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing industries.

Berg’s story is a short one, but it’s undoubtedly one that he won’t ever forget.

“I worked with a Manufacturing candidate over a period of time, and I referred him for a middle management position.  He had a good background and a clean resume.  And then he went on the interview and showed up in a dress.”

Needless to say, Berg’s client did not extend an offer of employment, full-time or otherwise.  However, all was not lost for Berg, especially what was most important.

“We didn’t lose the client,” he said. “But what appeared on paper and was heard over the phone was obviously not the person who showed up for the interview.  In 10 years, I’ve had applicants show up drunk.  That’s not a big deal, but this was a bit unsettling.”

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