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We have a repeat winner in terms of the Largest Split Fee of the Year in Top Echelon Network! (Actually, we have repeat winners, since it was a split placement.)

Those repeat winners are Shree Kumar of Max Populi, LLC and Darcy Morgan of GoRecruitMe. As you can see below, they split a fee of $68,200. That was the largest of all placement fees in our split network during 2018.

Shree and Darcy also split the biggest fee in TE in 2017. That fee was nearly identical to the one below—$68,224. And in perhaps another coincidence, the job title was the same for both placements: Neurosurgery Senior Advisor.

Huge TE placement fees

The fact we have repeat winners is just one of a few interesting aspects regarding the list. Other interesting aspects include the following:

  • The top five placement fees were all $60,000 or more. Last year, only the top three were $60,000 or more.
  • The fee of $56,250 was apparently the “magic number,” as three sets of split recruiting partners scored fees of that size.
  • There is a healthy mix of newer TE members are more tenured ones. Once again, this is proof that you don’t have to be in the Network for a long time to make big placement fees.

So congratulations to everybody who were part of our top 10 placement fees for 2018! Here’s to bigger fees this year!

— — —

First Place:

Shree Kumar of Max Populi, LLC

Shree Kumar

Darcy Morgan of GoRecruitMe

Darcy Morgan

Shree Kumar of Max Populi, LLC and Darcy Morgan of GoRecruitMe

The position for this split placement was a Neurosurgery Senior Advisor. Shree was the job order recruiter and Darcy was the candidate recruiter.

The action that stimulated this split placement was listed as “Offline communication with a member.”

The fee for this split placement was $68,200.

— — —

Second Place:

Denise Milano Sprung of JA Pharma, Inc. (job order recruiter)
Stephanie McGinty of Ives & Associates, Inc. (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: Solid Tumor Lead U.S. Medical Affairs
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $65,000

Third Place:

Matthew Dahm of IT Audit Search (job order recruiter)
Mary Ann Genovese of the Edgecumb Group (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: VP of Community and Growth
Fee percentage: 33%
Split Fee: $64,687

Fourth Place:

Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC of the MMS Group  (job order recruiter)
Sharon Raymond of SE Raymond (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: Chief Medical Director
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $61,750

Fifth Place:

Debbie Winkelbauer of Surf Search (job order recruiter)
Kevin Rogers of Spectra Staffing Services/Spectra International (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: Primary Care Physician
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $60,00

Sixth Place:

David Wood of The David Wood Company (job order recruiter)
Russ Hovendick of Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: VP of Renewable Energy (Wind) Projects
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $60,00

Seventh Place:

Daniel L. Williams, CPC of The Williams Company (job order recruiter)
James Compton of Compton & Associates  (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: Vice President of Manufacturing
Fee percentage: 22%
Split Fee: $58,750

Eighth Place:

Lisa DeBenedittis of Elite Executive Search (job order recruiter)
Gail Williams of Williams Recruiting  (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: Director of Research – Immuno-Oncology
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $56,250

Ninth Place:

Steve Zollner of The Sunridge Group (job order recruiter)
Greg Abel of Abel Connect, LLC  (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: Vice President, Strategic Services
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $56,250

Tenth Place:

Teddi Remer of DTR Executive Solutions  (job order recruiter)
Jill Kohler-Easley of Easley Resource Group, Inc. (candidate recruiter)

Position Title: VP General Manager
Fee percentage: 25%
Split Fee: $56,250

— — —

If you have questions about how you can start making more split placements in Top Echelon Network, then contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS.

You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

Ann Wyatt Recruiting joined Top Echelon’s recruiting network in July of 2015. Since that time, the owner of the agency, Ann Wyatt, has been a very productive member of the Network.

You could definitely say that Ann “hit the ground running” in terms of her split network membership. In fact, she made:

  • Four split placements in 2015
  • Three more splits in 2016
  • One split in 2017
  • Six splits in 2018

And on top of that, Ann has already made a couple of split deals so far this year. Her success in Top Echelon Network has accelerated, as she’s made eight splits during the past 10 months. (As for that “Network lull” in 2017? She was having a baby!)

And in case her production isn’t enough, Ann loves everything about Top Echelon Network, including making placements with her split recruiting partners. Put all of that together and what do you have?

An announcement that Ann Wyatt is Recruiter of the Week in Top Echelon Network!

Ann Wyatt: the secrets to her success

We wanted Ann to say a few words about the success that she’s enjoyed in TE. This is what she had to say:

Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s truly a team effort. I am just thankful because my company team is so small, that I have the “network team” to assist me with half of the battle. I try as hard as I possibly can to be the best teammate to the other network members by holding down the client processes, being as adaptable as I can be on candidate submissions, and being consistent with follow ups for network members, candidates and clients equally. Even if that just means giving updates on my job orders with R2R notes. Viewing [Top Echelon Network] as an extension of my company and valuing the TEN members as an extension of myself has made a huge difference. Maybe that’s not the traditional way to do it, but so far, that’s what has worked for me.

And I would still consider myself to be “successful in training.” There’s a lot of recruiters in TE that have been doing this for a lot longer than I have and there’s never a day that passes that I don’t learn something, either about recruiting or just being an entrepreneur. And I think that is actually the best part!

Ann routinely compliments her trading partners when submitting Completed Placement Forms. In fact, we have one such compliment below regarding a recent split placement. As a bonus, the placement is with a recruiter (Kelly Leedy of The JSS Group) who made her first split in Top Echelon Network

So congratulations to Ann Wyatt for her production and success in the Network and for being named Recruiter of the Week! And congratulations to Kelly Leedy for making her first Network split!

— — —

Kelly Leedy of The JSS Group

Kelly Leedy

Ann Wyatt of Ann Wyatt Recruiting

Ann Wyatt

“Cheers to an unexpected placement. [The candidate] was the perfect fit for my client’s newly created IATF role. Thank you so much, Kelly!”

Submitted by Ann Wyatt of Ann Wyatt Recruiting regarding her Network split placement with Kelly Leedy of The JSS Group


Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split placement that Ann and Kelly have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

The selection process for the Recruiter of the Week Award is based upon multiple criteria, including production within Top Echelon Network, adherence to the Network Policies and Golden Rules, the spirit of networking that the recruiter displays while interacting with other members, and the level of commitment that the recruiter exhibits in regards to their Network membership overall. The Recruiter of the Week is a true embodiment of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network—Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.

The first month of the year is already over! (Where the heck did it go?) Time flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re generating more revenue for your agency through contract staffing.

Take, for instance, the Top Echelon Network members listed below. They enjoyed more revenue during the month of January because they’ve added contract staffing services services to their business model.

Not only that, but we also have some new faces among the group. These new faces include the following:

  • Renee Frey of TalentQ, Inc.
  • Timothy Osborn of The Osborn Group, LLC
  • Kristy Fitch of
  • Rose Langhals of Bridgeway Professionals, Inc.

These recruiters aren’t necessarily new faces in Top Echelon overall. But they’re new faces in terms of the top contract staffing recruiters in our split network.

So if you think you can’t contract staffing to your clients, then think again! You can . . . and you can make more money every single month by doing so.

Congratulations to everybody on the list below for making contract placements during the month of January!

(Editor’s note: This report lists the Top 10 Top Echelon Network members by contract placement earnings through Top Echelon Contracting. The report is provided to Network members for informational purposes.)

Top Contracting Recruiters: January 2019

Recruiter and Agency2018 Earnings
Jim Brown of Galileo Search, LLC$101,326
Keith Adams of PediaStaff$52,609
Philip Bartfield of Analytic Search$8,469
Cindy Stephens, CPC/CTS of Stephens International Recruiting, Inc.$7,628
Renee Frey of TalentQ, Inc$2,999
Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC$2,632
David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants, Inc.$2,113
Timothy Osborn of The Osborn Group, LLC$2,113
Kristy Fitch of$2,058
Rose Langhals of Bridgeway Professionals, Inc.$1,990

All of the top contracting recruiters on the list above are direct hire recruiters. You do NOT have to stop making direct hire placements to offer contract staffing solutions to your existing base of clients. Basically, all you have to do is two things:

#1—Ask your clients if they have contract job orders. (You never know unless you ask!)

#2—Use Top Echelon’s recruitment back office solutions. We’ll take care of all the financial, legal, and administrative details associated with employing the contractors.

If you have any questions about this whole process, we have answers. We invite you to contact us at 888.627.3678.

You can also click here to schedule a walk-through of Top Echelon Contracting’s services. Click here to download our “Quick-Start Guide to Contract Staffing.”