Split Placements Could Await You at the 2011 National Convention

We picked a great location . . . we slashed the cost . . . we packed it with as much training and networking as we possibly could.  But in the end, what matters when it comes to the 2011 National Convention are the Trading Partners relationships and split placements that could result from attending.  After all, that’s why the recruiters who have already signed up made the decision to attend—placements, placements, and more placements.  But don’t take it from me.


Dave Sgro“I am excited for the Ft. Lauderdale convention! I have directly attributed at lease one placement to each and every convention I have attended so I would  not miss one. The opportunity to get together with other recruiters I have good relationships with, as well as meeting recruiters I have not known previously, in a fun out of office environment, has proven to be of huge value when back in the office. Again, I have gotten a placement within weeks of each convention as a direct result of my attending the convention. It’s a no-brainer!”

David M. Sgro of True North Consultants


Don Walker, CPC“The reason I attend TE conventions is that invariably I will meet, exchange JO information with another recruiter and make a split placement.  I would say that I average one split every two conventions.   Sometimes in that attempt is just the developing of a professional recruiting relationship that will lead maybe 1-2 split placements or more down the road.  It is about meeting, knowing and developing trust with these great folks.  In one case, I came back from a convention and told one of my recruiters and he pick it up from there and had the ideal candidate resulting in a split.  Some recruiters complain about the time lost and the cost.  For us, Cocventions just work.  It’s an investment in your business.”

Don Walker of Search Team One


Maria Hemminger, CSP“We have not missed a national or Chicago convention since joining the network in 2005.  We have successfully made placements with recruiters time after time again that we have met at these conferences.  We have formed strong bonds with partnering recruiters due to these meetings.  The result – we make more money every year by attending these conferences.”

Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC



These recruiters made split placements because they invested in their Network Membership and attended a Top Echelon convention.  You can, too.  Sign up for the 2011 National Convention at the Early Bird Registration price of $349 per person.  There could be split placement opportunities waiting for you in Fort Lauderdale.  It would be a shame if you weren’t there to greet them.

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