See This Month’s Updates to the Top Echelon Software

We’re continuously updating both the Top Echelon recruiting software and our split placement network software. So we’re pleased to announce the following software updates!

1. Quick Notes

A new button within the Timeline gives you the ability to document Quick Notes that are date, time, and user stamped for tracking and displaying in the corresponding record’s history.

2. Set Default Font for Outgoing Emails

new settings option on the General Users Setting page allows you to choose your preferred font family and size for emails sent from Top Echelon Software, eliminating the need to manually change it with each message.

3. Record Header Redesign

A redesign to People, Company, and Job Datasheet headers that brings more attention to important record information improves the overall user interface and makes better use of the space.

4. Calendar Invite System Events

We’ve added some new system events within the Timeline so that you can now see when a Calendar Invite was initially sent or updated.

5. ‘Has Work Phone’ Advanced Search Field

We’ve added a new Advanced Search option that allows for further filtering of your results list based on the existence (or lack) of a work phone number.

Remember, you can always stay informed about software updates by visiting the official Top Echelon Product Updates page. You can see current and past updates, as well as which updates and upgrades are next.

If you have questions about these updates or about any other aspect of your Top Echelon Network and/or recruiting software account, you can:

→ Send an email to

→ Visit our Help Center.

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