See the Latest Top Echelon Software Updates!

We’re continuously updating both the Top Echelon recruiting software and our split placement network software. So we’re pleased to announce the following software updates!

1. Professional Tier

Our new Professional pricing tier gives you access to the latest and greatest Top Echelon features and functionality, including AutomationsCareers Page FormsOrganizational Chart, as well as higher email and backup limits, and much more on the way!

A 90-day Professional Tier trial will begin on September 1 for all legacy customers.

2. Spark Hire Integration

Our integration enables users to create and select structured interview questions that job applicants can respond to asynchronously.

This process empowers hiring and staffing teams to interview candidates 5x more efficientlyreducing hiring/placement time while improving interview completion rates, quality of hire, and the candidate experience.

3. Do Not Call/Text Designations

We’ve added “Do Not Call” and “Do Not Text” checkboxes to the Contact Information card in People and Company records. Use either option, or both, to designate invalid phone numbers or candidates who do not wish to be contacted via phone call and/or text message.

Checking these options would disable the number and prevent you from using click-to-dial software or sending text messages out of Top Echelon Software.

4. Hide Filters on the Careers Page

You now have the option to hide the Remote Status and Job Type filters from your Careers Page if you’d prefer not to have them displayed.

5. Hide Company Name on Careers Page

You now have the option to hide your company’s name from appearing as text at the top of your Careers Page. If your company’s name is already present in your uploaded logo and/or banner, this option can remove this redundant text for a more streamlined look.

6. Reorder Custom Fields

The selectable options in drop-down and multiselect Custom Fields can now be rearranged in a custom order.

7. Accessibility Enhancement

We’ve made adjustments to the color of some text and icons in order to make them more easily visible against their backgrounds. This will help increase accessibility and readability sitewide.

8. Network Candidate Sharing Criteria

All Network Candidates are now required to have at least one valid contact method (email address or phone number) in order to be included in Network Candidate search results or shared directly to Network Jobs.

You can learn more about this update HERE.

(If you’re interested in Beta testing new Top Echelon Software features, email us at

Remember, you can always stay informed about software updates by visiting the official Top Echelon Product Updates page. You can see current and past updates, as well as which updates and upgrades are next.

If you have questions about these updates or about any other aspect of your Top Echelon Network and/or recruiting software account, you can:

→ Send an email to

→ Visit our Help Center.

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