Sean Connery: Recruiters’ Choice for Agent 007

Next week is Thanksgiving. You may or may not be in the office next week, and if you are, it might only be for a day or two.

We at Top Echelon like to have a little bit of fun when the circumstances call for it. We believe they’re calling right now. That’s because, with the upcoming and the last installment of the James Bond movie series (Spectre) in theaters, this would be a good time for the following poll question in the Members’ Area:

Which actor has portrayed James Bond the best?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters that selected each one:

  • Sean Connery — 68.4%
  • Roger Moore — 15.4%
  • Timothy Dalton — 0.0%
  • Pierce Brosnan — 9.4%
  • Daniel Craig — 6.8%


Well, there aren’t too many surprises with this poll, either. I would have put cold, hard, cash money on the fact that Sean Connery would be the most popular choice, and he was. Connery ran away with over 68% of the vote.

However, that’s when things get interesting. The second-most popular Bond? Roger Moore at 15.4%! Who would have guessed? Then Pierce Brosnan came in third with 9.4% of the vote, and Daniel Craig was fourth at 6.8%.Sean

As for Timothy Dalton? Sad, sad Timothy Dalton? Well, he garned not a single vote in our recruiter poll of Top Echelon Network. So in the “World of Bond,” not everybody is a winner . . .


There are two main conclusions that can be drawn from the results of this poll of recruiters:

  1. First, nobody is going to dethrone Sean Connery as the best James Bond of all time . . . at least, the best in terms of what the majority of people on the plant Earth believe.
  2. Second, the James Bond franchise is now officially sagging with Craig in the lead role. To illustrate how far he’s fallen, there was talk of HIM being the best Bond ever when he graced the silver screen in Casino Royale. Not only is nobody saying that anymore, he was fourth (fourth!) out of the five choices in our poll—and the guy who finished fifth received zero votes.

It’s not easy being Bond. Good luck to the next guy who decides he wants his martinis shaken and not stirred.

(Bonus trivia: Burt Reynolds was offered the role of Agent 007 in 1970. He turned it down. But he would received just as many votes as Dalton if I had included his name in this poll.)

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