Recruiters’ First Split Placement Brings a 30% Fee!

At Top Echelon Network, we love it when two Network recruiters make their first split placement together!

Why?  First, it means that they’ve benefited from using the Top Echelon system and it works for them.  Second, it means that their second split placement together could be just around the corner . . . because in many cases, where there’s one, there’s many.

'Comments' and ComplimentsBut that’s not all!  (Of course that’s not all.)

In this week’s installment of “Comments and Compliments,” we have two pairs of recruiters that have made their first recruiter split fee Network placement together.  One of those placements brought with it a 30% fee.

The only thing better than making your first split placement with another recruiter is making your first split placement with another recruiter for a 30% fee.  (Okay, 35% would be better, but quit splitting hairs, would ya?)

Remember, if you’d like to compliment one of your Trading Partners for a recent split placement, send your comments to, and they’ll appear in a future issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

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Bob Ferris“I appreciated Bob’s hands-on support and involvement throughout the process.”

Submitted by Therese Eckhoff, CPC of Recruiting Pros of Chicagoland regarding her split placement with Bob Ferris of Ferris & Associates, LLC

Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Eckhoff and Ferris have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

— — —

Maja MunozRob Spaulding“Rob sent a solid candidate on the first go-round.  It had been tough filling the position, so great job and thanks for taking the initiative to see if we still needed candidates!”

Submitted by Maja Munoz of Human Technologies, Inc. regarding her split placement with Rob Spaulding of Spaulding Associates


Fee Percentage—30%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Munoz and Spaulding have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

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