TE Recruiters Earn $1,541,547 in Contracting Money!

Direct hire recruiters CAN earn contracting money. And just a little bit, either, but a lot. We have proof of that with this blog post.

In fact, the title of the post is all the proof that you need. That’s because there are 20 Top Echelon Network members who have combined to earn $1,541,547 in contracting money so far in 2017.

And when we say “so far,” we mean through the first six months of the year. So extrapolate that total, and you’re looking at well over $3 million. Once again, though, we’re going to connect names and faces to the numbers.

Below are three of the recruiters among the top 20 through the second quarter of 2017.

— — —

Cindy Ridley: $39,621 in contracting money

Cindy Ridley of HRtechies, Inc.

Cindy Ridley

Cindy Ridley of HRtechies, Inc. has made a couple of split placements in the Network. However, she has really leveraged the resources of Top Echelon Contracting. Cindy is currently ranked #4 in the top 20, having shot up through the ranks during the second quarter.

Not only that, but she passed “TE legend” Cindy Stephens, CPC/CTS of Stephens International Recruiting, Inc. for third place on the list. It should be an exciting race to the finish line!

Projected 2017 total: $79,242

— — —

Joseph Cunliffe: $23,423 in contracting money

Okay, Joe has made one split placement since joining Top Echelon’s recruiter network. However, he’s still cashing placement checks through Top Echelon Contracting. At #5 on the top 10 list, Joe might still be able to catch “the Cindys” before the end of the year.

Like the others on the top 20 list, Joe’s willingness to offer contract staffing services to his clients has resulted in a steady revenue stream. After all, who wouldn’t love an extra $23K?

Projected 2017 total: $46,846

— — —

Mike Niedbalski: $22,438 in contracting money

Mike Niedbalski, CPC of Integritas Search

Mike Niedbalski, CPC

Like Cindy Ridley, Mike Niedbalski, CPC of Integritas Search joined Top Echelon’s recruiting network in 2008. Also like Cindy, he’s enjoyed success in the Network. Mike has made 13 split placements since joining.

And also like Cindy, he shot up the rankings during the second quarter. (Mike is currently ranked #6 on the list.) His willingness to offer contract staffing to his clients has allowed him to supplement his direct hire business in 2017.

Projected 2017 total: $44,876

— — —

Top Echelon Contracting can help YOU make contract placements, too. You can earn as much as the recruiters above and even more.

Just tell your clients that you offer contract staffing solutions. Then ask for contract job orders.

If you use Top Echelon Contracting as your recruitment back office, you don’t have to worry about the rest. Fill the position, make the placement, and collect your money. We’ll handle all of the paperwork.

Get started with TEC’s Quick-Start Guide to Contract Staffing. You can also call Top Echelon Contracting at 888.627.3678.

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