Recruiter Survey: LinkedIn and Your Recruiting Process


Social media has changed the way recruiters conduct business.  Of course, the social media platform that’s most popular with executive recruiters is LinkedIn, which touts itself as “The world’s largest professional network.”

Although LinkedIn is popular with recruiters, how integral is it to the recruiting process?  In other words, how valuable is LinkedIn to the process that recruiters use to find and successfully recruit candidates for their clients’ job orders?

Well, it just so happens that we have answers to these questions.

We recently conducted a survey of Top Echelon Network recruiters, and that survey was based upon the following question:

How valuable is LinkedIn as a tool for your recruiting process?


The choice of answers that were provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each answer:

  • Extremely valuable — 55.0%
  • Somewhat valuable — 31.7%
  • Not that valuable — 5.0%
  • I’m undecided. — 3.3%
  • I don’t use LinkedIn for my recruiting process. — 5.0%


Recruiter SurveyAs one might guess, the majority of recruiters believe that LinkedIn is valuable to their recruiting process to some degree.  Over half (55%) chose “extremely valuable” as their answer, while 31.7% selected “somewhat valuable.”

However, that still leaves 13.3% of survey participants who don’t find value in LinkedIn.  In fact, 5% of participants have not made LinkedIn part of their recruiting process.

So while LinkedIn has definitely become the social media platform of choice for executive recruiters, not ALL recruiters consider it to be a “sourcing nirvana.”  (But the majority?  Absolutely.)


How important is LinkedIn to YOUR recruiting process?  Did you participate in the survey described above?  If not, what’s your answer?

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