Presenting our Recruiter Network Awards for March 2015

At Top Echelon Network, we recognize recruiters for both monthly and quarterly performance in four categories—Recruiter of the Month, Recruiter of the Quarter, Largest Split Fee of the Month, and Largest Split Fee of the Quarter.

We recognize these recruiters by announcing the recruiter network awards that they’ve won in the pages of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group recently made his 300th Network placement, and he did so during the month of March, when he earned yet another Recruiter of the Month Award.

However, we do have a pair of new faces when it comes to the Largest Split Fee of the Month, which we’re glad to see.  It’s always good to see new faces in terms of our awards in the Network, and we certainly hope that it’s a trend that continues.

For more information about the Top Echelon Network recruiter awards listed below, login to the Members’ Area and view the profiles and placement details of the winning recruiters involved.

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Recruiter of the Month:

Trey Cameron

Trey Cameron

Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Cameron captured the top spot with six split placements during the month of March, while Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search was second with four placements and Ron Sunshine of Ron Sunshine Associates was third with three placements.

In addition, two Network recruiters made two Network placements apiece in March.  They were Emily Davis of The Candidate Combination, LLC and Recruiter Name Withheld.  Speaking of Davis and Shoulet . . .

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Largest Split Fee of the Month:

Emily Davis of The Candidate Combination, LLC

Emily Davis

Recruiter name Withheld and Emily Davis of The Candidate Combination, LLC

The position for this split placement was a Managing Architect – Business Analytics.  Shoulet was the job order recruiter, and Davis was the candidate recruiter.

The action that stimulated this split placement was listed as, “Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter.”

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Top Echelon determines the monthly and quarterly winners of its recruiter network awards based upon two criteria, which are listed below in order of importance:

1.) The number of split placements made
2.) The amount of “cash-in” dollars earned as a result of those split placements

This explains why, when multiple recruiters are tied with the same number of split placements during a given month or quarter, the recruiter with the largest “cash-in” total for their placements is deemed the winner.

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