Preferred Member Firms Celebrate Anniversaries in June

As we mentioned earlier this month, Joan Walters, CPC of JR Walters Resources isn’t the only Preferred Member who’s celebrating a Top Echelon Network anniversary during the month of June.  In fact, there are three other firms that are doing so.  Two firms (the North Peak Group and Red Arrow Recruiters) are celebrating 10-year anniversaries, while the third (Career Professionals, Inc.) has been a Preferred Member of the Network for 20 years.

Interestingly enough, the North Peak Group and Red Arrow Recruiters joined Top Echelon Network on the same day.  In addition, Veronica (Roni) Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc. was good enough to share her thoughts about the firm’s 20 years of Membership in the Network.

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Veronica (Roni) SnyderVeronica (Roni Snyder)
Career Professionals, Inc.
Agency Join Date: June 27, 1990

Twenty years ago, our company founder, Jim Beelaert, had the foresight to join Top Echelon Network . . . and what a wise business decision that became!  By the time Jim retired in 2004, CPI was fully committed to TE.  Using the Network to generate placement activity had become standard practice in our office, and it remains that way today.

We have seen the Network grow by leaps and bounds, especially in developing and improving the Big Biller recruiting software.  In the early days, we used to receive bulky packets of resumes in the mail from NIS (Nationwide Interchange Service)—and now we’re a paperless system sharing electronic information immediately. Thanks to Mike, Mark, Todd, and the entire TE team, candidate tracking, alert systems, job posting, and website functions have all been enhanced to make our daily workload easier.  Over the years, TE has created high-quality products and services to helps us, as a company, present a more impressive image to our candidates and clients.

We have been active participants in TE through the years, and we utilize the Network daily.  Not only have we made several placements through TE, we’ve also developed great friendships with many TE recruiters.

It’s hard to believe CPI has been a part of TE for 20 years now!  We hope to be around for another 20 years.  (Well, I do anyway . . . Steve [Taylor] may want to retire by then!)

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Tammy Devier and Tiffany Taylor
Red Arrow Recruiters
Agency Join Date: June 28, 2000

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Matt Bruns
North Peak Group
Agency Join Date: June 28, 2000

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