Joan Walters Celebrating Her Five-Year Network Anniversary!

Matt DeutschReally . . . what are the chances that Joan Walters, CPC of JR Walters Resources would be celebrating her five-year Network anniversary on the same day that her success story was published in The Pinnacle blog?  Far-fetched, you say?  Well, you’d be right, mainly because we didn’t plan it that way.  It just sort of . . . happened.

To be honest, Joan has had two stints as a Preferred Member of Top Echelon’s recruiting network. She first became a Preferred Member in 1993 (when Top Echelon Network was called Nationwide Interchange Service) before leaving briefly in 2002.  She returned in 2005, and incidentally, the date she returned was June 9, 2005.

Still, an anniversary is an annivesary, so we contacted Joan and asked her to comment about her experience in the Network, not just during the past five years, but throughout her entire time as a Preferred Member.  She was gracious enough to offer her comments, so we’d like to publish them in this week’s issue of The Pinnacle blog:

Joan Walters“As a former Member of NIS (Nationwide Interchange Service) that then became Top Echelon Network, it was an absolute pleasure to return to the TE family five years ago.  The Network has grown and developed into a great source of professional relationships and educational opportunities.  And yet, it has maintained that warm feeling of family.

“The TE staff is knowledgeable, with attention to the Members’ needs.  The Trading Partners I’ve worked with over the years have been professional and caring.  I appreciate all the different styles that each has.  Some will kick me in the pants to talk with their applicants; others will share every job order they have.  I learn something from each of them that not only help me make placements, but also helps in making sense of this crazy business.

“As I once heard Barb Bruno say, ‘Recruiters are social workers that like to make money.’  She is right, with one thing to add.  The recruiting business is a great business to be in when you have great Trading Partners, technical support, and super training, as we do in TE.”

(Editor’s Note: Joan isn’t the only Preferred Member celebrating an anniversary in the Network during the month of June. Tune in next week to find out what other Preferred Member firms are doing so.)

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