Our Speaker at the 2013 National Convention: Danny Cahill!

Next year, we’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Top Echelon Network!  That includes celebrating at the 2013 National Convention.

Danny CahillAs part of that celebration, we’re heading back to the Trade Winds Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg, Fla., site of the very first Top Echelon Network National Convention.

Also as part of that celebration, we’ve secured industry trainer Danny Cahill as the main speaker for the convention.  It’s been quite a while since Cahill has participated in a Top Echelon event, and we’re glad to have him back, especially for something as momentous as our 25th anniversary National Convention!

Cahill is, in short, a legend in the recruiting industry.  He started at Hobson Associates right out of college.  He became its Rookie of the Year, top producer, and general manager by the age of 26.  At 27, he bought the company and has since built it into one of the country’s largest search firms specializing in Software Sales, Bio Tech Sales, and Industrial Sales talent.

Cahill was the Educational Chairperson of the Pinnacle Society, 75 of the highest achievers in the industry, and he personally mentors many members.  He also owns and runs AccordingToDanny.com, an online training and mentoring company dedicated to enhancing the skills and jumpstarting the spirits of recruiters worldwide.

Remember, the dates of the 2013 National Convention are Thursday, April 25, through Saturday, April 27. The last weekend in April has traditionally been the “sweet spot” for the convention, especially in terms of attendance.

Speaking of which, we’re looking forward to a considerable amount of people attending the 2013 National Convention.  We had around 120 recruiters at the recent Fall Conference, and we believe that we can get at least that many recruiters to the Trade Winds (and maybe even 150).

So stay tuned for more information regarding our 25th anniversary and the 2013 National Convention, including registration dates, registration prices, and a preliminary agenda of activities.

We look forward to seeing YOU in St. Pete!

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