Ohio Recruiters Scheduled to Meet on November 16

Ohio recruiters are well represented within Top Echelon Network. (That should make sense. After all, Top Echelon’s headquarters are located in the Hall of Fame City of Canton.)

Not only that, but Ohio recruiters also constitute one of our most successful Regional Core Groups. You guessed it: that would be the Ohio Regional Core Group!

In addition, this is one of the most tenured Regional Core Groups in Top Echelon’s recruiting network. As such, the group has held a face-to-face meeting at roughly the same time every year. And the group is doing so again in 2017.

Below is the logistical information for this year’s event:

Thursday, November 16
Hilton Easton
3900 Chagrin Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219
9:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.
$65 per person

NOT for Ohio recruiters only

Please note that this meeting is NOT for Ohio recruiters only. Any Top Echelon Network member, regardless of state, can attend the meeting. There is no restriction. If you’re from Indiana and you want to attend, please attend. If you’re from Illinois and you want to attend, please attend.

And if you’re from Michigan and you want to attend, forget it. I’m KIDDING! We want you to attend, too, regardless of the Buckeyes-Wolverines rivalry.

If you’d like to attend this core group meeting, simply send an email to drea@topechelon.com and say, “Please register myself and/or (associate’s name) and charge my credit card on file for $(registration fee).”

Remember, Top Echelon’s split network contains four main types of core groups:

1. Traditional Core Groups

These are the ones you form yourself by building relationships with other Network recruiters. They typically involve recruiters that work in the same industry and niche that you do.

2. Non-Traditional Core Groups

These are also ones that you form yourself by building relationships with other Network recruiters. However, these groups do not necessarily contain recruiters who work the same areas that you do. Instead, they usually involve the business side of recruiting or other general recruiting-related topics.

3. Regional Core Groups

These are the recruiter networking events that involve members meeting face-to-face based upon geographic location (like the Ohio meeting).

4. Virtual Core Groups

During these meetings, Network recruiters share hot job orders and candidates during teleconference calls. They also share information about the activity they’re seeing and ideas for increased production.

We have designed all of these groups to help you make more split placements in TE. If you have questions about any of these groups, please give me a call at 330.455.1433, x156.

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