Next Level Exchange and Another Level of Communication

Mark DemareeI would once again like to remind you about the great deal that we have with Next Level Exchange.  A number of Preferred Member recruiters have already taken advantage of this deal for NLE training, and I encourage you to do so, too.

Next Level Exchange offers high-quality training programs for every recruiter—from the rookie to the grizzled veteran—and you can try Next Level for FREE during their trial period.  You’re not required to buy anything “sight unseen.”  You’ll have a very good idea of what to expect before you purchase a subscription.

However, shifting gears slightly, I also want to address the issue of communication within Top Echelon Network, specifically how we communicate with you, the Preferred Member recruiters.

As you know, we use The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog as our chief form of communication.  There’s also the news section in the Members’ Area.  However, we’ve discovered that these two forms of communication don’t reach everybody in the Network.

We know full well how busy you are on your recruiting desk.  You often don’t have time to check out The Pinnacle or peruse the news section.  Of course, we want you to make more placements almost as much as you do, but we also want to make sure that we’re reaching as many of you as we can.

That’s why in the near future we’re going to start sending targeted emails to the Membership in an effort to raise awareness about important developments within Top Echelon Network.  An example would be the deal that we’ve struck with Next Level Exchange.  We want as many recruiters as possible to know about this great deal, so they can benefit from it.

There won’t be many emails sent to you, an average of only about one per month.  (In special situations, there might be two.)  We don’t want to bombard you; we just want to inform you.

Thanks very much for your commitment as a Preferred Member recruiter and for reading The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!

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