Networking Tip #2: Share Quality Candidates

Last month in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, I started a new series of posts: “Networking Tips.” The first blog post dealt with filling as many of your job orders as quickly as you can and how Top Echelon Network can help. (After all, who doesn’t want to do THAT?)

Anyway, my series continues with “Networking Tip #2,” which is absolutely crucial when it comes to enjoying more success as a Network recruiter. The Top Producers in the Network are big advocates of this tip. It relates directly to one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon NetworkActive Participation.

So now I present to you the second tip in our series:

Regularly share quality candidates in the Network and don’t withhold quality candidates.

Our logic:

Experience shows that those recruiters who continually contribute quality candidates to the Network are more likely to make split placements than those recruiters who only share a few dozen candidates and then stop. The business of recruiting is a “numbers game.” One way to increase your odds for success is to share more quality candidates with other recruiters.

If you withhold your good candidates from the Network, you’re setting yourself up to become a Network failure. Remember, like you, other trading partners need the very best candidates they can find. If you’re only submitting mediocre candidates to the Network, then you should expect mediocre results.

If you’ve been holding back your best candidates from the Network, then you should count the number of these superstars you’ve not placed over the past few years, resulting in tens of thousands of forfeited dollars.

Steps to share quality candidates:

1. Increase your odds for success.

Make sure each recruiter in your office using the Network is submitting at least four or five qualified candidates to the Network every week.

2. Adopt a sense of urgency!

When you find a Network-able candidate, you should obtain their permission and submit their resume to the Network immediately! This way, if your own marketing attempts are unsuccessful, then you’ve covered all of the bases by networking the resume with other recruiters who may have a need for this candidate.

3. Develop a reputation among your peers in the Network.

What kind of reputation? One of being a recruiter who submits “good, quality candidates” to the system.

Don’t waste other recruiters’ time by submitting candidates for which clients wouldn’t pay a fee. Concentrate your efforts on educated, employed, and skilled candidates that most clients would love to have working on their staff. In addition, make sure that you include up-to-date contact information (including email). This way, your split recruiting partners are able to contact them.

4. Be relentless and don’t give up.

Sometimes, you’ll only need to submit one candidate to make a placement. Other times, it may take 101 candidates to make a placement. Continually fill the Network pipeline with good, quality candidates, and success will find you!

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