Networking Tip #1: Fill Orders as Quickly as Possible

There is seemingly no end to the challenges and obstacles that exist in the economy and the employment marketplace right now. And that is one of the reasons why I’ve decided to go back to basics and stress the fundamentals of Top Echelon Network.

Because focusing on the basics and the fundamentals is a sure-fire way to enjoy more success.

With that in mind, I have a series of networking tips that I will be publishing in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog during the next several weeks.

These networking tips are specific things that you can do to enjoy more success as a member of our split fee recruiting network. This week, I have the first such tip, and that tip is as follows:

Adopt the philosophy that you are going to try to fill as many job orders as you can, as quickly as you can, with the best candidates you have available to you.

After all, the more assignments you’re able to complete with quality candidates, the happier your clients will be, the more repeat business you’ll receive, and the more money you’ll earn!

Our logic:

Statistics show that the longer a job order remains unfilled, the less your chances are of filling it. This being the case, you want to “strike hard and fast” when presenting candidates.

The longer it takes you to locate that perfect candidate, the more time there is for those “unexpected occurrences” to happen. (And that is especially the case right now, while we’re dealing with a job market that is historically tight for talent.)

What follows are five examples of such “unexpected occurrences”:

  1. Your client changes their mind and puts the search assignment on hold.
  2. Your client tells you they’re going to promote from within.
  3. Your near-perfect candidate changes their mind and must give consideration to a better offer.
  4. Your client tells you they’re going to hire a candidate provided by another recruiter.
  5. Your client learns to function without the position by doling out the responsibilities to other employees.

Immediate steps you can take:

1. Share your job order with the Network immediately.

When you share your job order with Top Echelon, the automated Network Job Alerts system starts working for you by notifying trading partners of new search assignments in their niche. Also, your trading partners have access to your search assignment immediately! Get it out to trading partners right away because they may have the perfect candidate.

Do not try working the job order first and then sending it to the Network as a last resort. Doing so will only use up whatever “lead time” you have and minimize your chances for filling the order and completing the assignment.

2. Use the Network Candidates sourcing tool!

There are over SEVEN million recruited candidates being shared in the Network Candidates sourcing tool, and this sharing system is gaining greater momentum with each passing day.

3. Search candidates in your files and candidates in Top Echelon’s recruiting software to see if there are potential matches.

Present all qualified candidates to your client, regardless of whether it’s your own candidate or a Network candidate. Don’t let the issue of half of a fee versus the full fee cloud your thinking.

Instead, get the search assignment filled immediately with a good candidate, and your client will shower you with praise and (hopefully) repeat business.

4. Adopt a sense of urgency and get your clients to interview (even if it’s a video interview) as soon as you can.

If your best candidate is slightly less than a 100% fit, then you must evaluate all of the potential risks of not presenting that candidate in favor of going out and recruiting another candidate “from scratch.” Don’t forget, your client may have intentionally given you a “10-point” wish list, which is almost impossible to accommodate, when in fact they really only need seven or eight of those items to be satisfied.

We aren’t saying that you should use a “shotgun approach” when presenting candidates. We’re merely suggesting that you think twice before withholding a good candidate from your client.

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