TE Recruiters Think Their Website is THIS Important

How important is a recruiting firm’s website in relation to the overall success of that recruiting firm? Well, that depends on which firm owner you ask.

So . . . we decided to ask them all. Well, all of the firm owners in Top Echelon Network, that is.

The poll question we posed was as follows:

How would you describe the importance of your website to your recruiting firm?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters that selected each one:

  • Very important — 35.3%
  • Somewhat important — 35.3%
  • Eh, I’m lukewarm about it. — 19.5%
  • Not important at all — 5.3%
  • I don’t even have a website. — 4.5%


Perhaps not surprisingly, over 70% of poll respondents (70.6%, to be exact) indicated that their recruiting firm’s website is important to some degree. That breaks down to 35.3% for “very important” and 35.3% for “somewhat important.”

The next popular answer was “Eh, I’m lukewarm about it” at 19.5%. That means nearly 90% of the recruiters responding to the poll believes that a website is at least important enough to have one.

After all, 4.5% of respondents stated that their firm doesn’t even have a website. We’re not sure how many of those recruiters would think their firm’s site was important if their firm had one. (Contrary to popular belief, we can NOT read minds.)

Analysis and Conclusion:

There’s no doubt that more recruiters think their firm’s website is important than 10 years ago . . . or even five or three years ago. However, not every recruiter believes that their firm’s site is important—and by extension, important to their success.

The first step to all recruiters thinking their firm’s site is important would be ALL recruiters having a site for their firm, and that’s clearly not the case at the moment. Once upon a time, there wasn’t a single recruiter who had a website. How long will it take for every single recruiter in the world to be represented by a site?

That day might be closer than you think. Or care to admit.

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