‘Lighting the Fuse’ on Regional Core Groups in 2012

Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSRegional Core Groups have cooled down in Top Echelon Network during the past couple of years, which is understandable, considering everything that’s happened in the economy and within the recruiting industry.

However, this is a new year, and there’s plenty of reason to believe that Regional Core Groups are going to heat back up in 2012.

In years past, there were as many as six or seven Regional Core Groups operating within Top Echelon Network, from Ohio to Tennessee to California.  As of right now, there aren’t that many groups gearing up for activity yet this year, but the potential certainly exists.

In this blog post, I want to address two specific Regional Core Groups, namely because they’re holding meetings in the near future.  These are groups that have a rich history within the Network and whose existence has been responsible for numerous split placements between Preferred Member recruiters.

Fort Wayne Regional Core Group

This group and the Baltimore Regional Core Group have been arguably the most successful groups in Top Echelon Network, and the Fort Wayne contingent will be meeting for the first time in quite a while next week.

Network recruiters are invited to join the Fort Wayne Regional Core Group at Ziano’s Italian Eatery at 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, January 18.  This isn’t just a meeting, but an “after-holiday party.”  Ziano’s Italian Eatery is located at 702 E. Dupont Road in Fort Wayne.

If you’re interested in attending this meeting/party or if you want more information about it, contact Preferred Member recruiter Rhonda Dove of KB Search Team, LLC.
Kansas City Regional Core Group

Regional Core GroupsAfter a hiatus, this Regional Core Group is getting back together, as well.  Its meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, at Leawood South Country Club between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

As part of the meeting, Preferred Member recruiter Bob Wylan of R.A. Wylan & Co., Inc. will give a Power Point presentation, and there will be other speakers, as well.  There’s a $5 per person charge for a beverage table during the meeting, and those in attendance will also share a $50 room set-up fee.  Leawood South Country Club is located at 12700 Overbrook Road in Leawood.

If you’re interested in attending this meeting or if you want more information about it, contact Wylan.

We want to “light the fuse” on Regional Core Groups in Top Echelon Network in 2012, and that starts with you!  If you’d like to be part of one of these Core Groups, part of another Core Group, or if you’d like to start your own, please contact me so that we can discuss it.

Recruiters who attend Regional Core Group meetings give themselves more of an opportunity to make split placements . . . and that’s exactly what we want you to do in 2012: make more split placements!

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