$13,000 of Cash-Back FPP Checks for Network Members!


Mark DemareeCongratulations to those Preferred Member recruiters who earned enough Frequent Placer Program (FPP) points to receive cash back for their involvement in Top Echelon Network in 2011!

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Our goal is to help YOU make split placements, so much so that we’re willing to pay you for making split placements! That’s right, if you don’t know (or perhaps if you’ve forgotten), we have what is called the Frequent Placer Program within the Network.

This program is a cash-back program designed to reward recruiters in Top Echelon for participation within the Network.  The more you do, the more FPP points you earn.  The more FPP points you earn, the more cash you’ll receive back at the end of the calendar year.  It’s that simple.

Making split placements is just ONE way that you can earn FPP points throughout the year.  You can also earn points (and cash) by participating in activities that we believe lead to split placements.  Below is a list of ways to earn Frequent Placer Program points:

  • Making split placements
  • Making split placements with new Preferred Members
  • Scheduling face-to-face and telephone interviews
  • Attending a Top Echelon Network conference
  • Adding candidates and job orders to the split databases
  • Participation in Virtual and Regional Core Group meetings

Click here to read more about the Top Echelon Network Frequent Placer Program.  In addition to a complete listing of information, there’s also a short video that you can watch which highlights some of the major points of the program and how you can take advantage of it.

I’d like to congratulate those Top Echelon recruiters who earned cash-back rewards for their Network participation in 2011, and I encourage you to participate as much as possible in 2012.  We’ll be waiting to give you a check for your efforts at the end of the year!

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