In the ‘Top Echelon Network Recruiter Spotlight’: Lee Fierman

Welcome to the next installment of the “Top Echelon Recruiter Spotlight”!

In last week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we announced that Janet Miller of Computer Management, Inc. was celebrating her 25th anniversary as a Top Echelon Network Preferred Member.  This week, we’re recognizing a recruiter who is celebrating their 25th anniversary in the industry.

That recruiter, Lee Fierman of Gables Search Group, started in the recruiting industry in 1989.  However, the reason he’s the subject of this “Recruiter Spotlight” is because of his recent split placement with one of his trading partners.

The split placement was the first one between Shoulet and Fierman, and Shoulet was extremely complimentary about the work that Fierman did to help him close the deal. (See Shoulet’s comments below.)

Fierman has proven himself to be a quality Trading Partner during his time in the Network, and that quality was certainly on display during the process involved in this placement.  So we’d like to thank Lee and congratulate him on this placement, his 25 years as an executive recruiter, and for his place in the “Top Echelon Recruiter Spotlight”!

— — —

“I have to say I LOVE working with Lee!  He is a great sounding board, has a great sense of humor, and helped all the way through the process.  He screened his candidate well and was there to help every single step of the way.  He’s one of the best [Trading Partners] I’ve worked with.  Thanks, Lee, for all of your help with this one!”

Submitted by Recruiter Name Withheld regarding their Network split placement with Lee Fierman of Gables Search Group


Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: Shoulet and Fierman have made one split placement together in Top Echelon Network.)

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