Janet Miller Celebrating 25th Anniversary in Top Echelon Network!

We have two more Top Echelon Network anniversaries to celebrate this month . . . and one of them is a BIG anniversary!

That’s because Janet Miller of Computer Management, Inc. became a Preferred Member on September 5, 1989.  That’s right, Janet is celebrating her 25th anniversary as a Top Echelon Network recruiter, and we certainly want to congratulate her on that milestone.

Janet has been an extremely consistent producer during her time in the Network, making 64 placements since becoming a Preferred Member.  In addition, she’s participated in Top Echelon in as many different ways as you can imagine, from attending conferences and conventions to being part of Virtual Core Groups to referring other recruiters.

In fact, one of Janet’s referrals, Bob Small of Carroll Technology Services, Inc., has also become an extremely successful recruiter in Top Echelon Network.

We also have another anniversary this month, as Merit Consulting, Inc. is celebrating its fifth anniversary.  The recruiters in Merit Consulting have combined to make seven placements in the Network since joining.

So we want to thank all of these recruiters for their commitment as Preferred Members, and we also want to help them celebrate their respective Network anniversaries in Top Echelon.  Congratulations to everybody!

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Computer Management, Inc. in Abingdon, Maryland
Staff Members: Janet Miller
Agency Join Date: September 5, 1989

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Merit Consulting, Inc. in Saint Augustine, Florida
Staff Members: David Smith, Arthur Rogove, Pat D’Errico, and Krishna Pandey
Agency Join Date: September 17, 2009

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