Largest Split Fee of the Month = a GREAT Story

The “Largest Split Fee of the Month” for April is a great story—in more ways than one!

First of all, that split placement fee totaled $51,250. The recruiters responsible for making the split were Bob Wylan of R.A. Wylan & Co., Inc. and Jerry Brown of Technical Management Advisors.

Let’s start with the main way that this is a great story . . .

Bob had the candidate in his database nearly 20 years ago. In fact, according to Bob, the candidate was entered into his database on April 9, 1996. However, he did not consider the candidate for one of his client’s searches until Jerry presented the candidate to him.

As a result, in accordance with the “but for rule,” Bob honored Jerry’s referral, and the two of them split a $51,250 fee.

In November of 2015, Bob secured a retainer for two searches for the same client. They were for a VP of Manufacturing Operations and a VP of Manufacturing Quality.

On January 16 of this year, Jerry sent Bob the candidate. Bob immediately presented that candidate to his client for the VP of Operations position. After a phone interview and then a face-to-face interview on February 12, Bob’s client extended an offer to the candidate, who accepted it. The candidate started work on April 4, and Bob and Jerry have since received the placement fee.

Did Bob have the candidate in his database? He did. However, “but for” Jerry’s involvement in the process, Bob would not have presented the candidate to his client.

“Establishing relationships and building trust is way to make splits,” said Bob. “The rules of recruiting have changed in recent years, but that’s still how I do business.”

Case in point: Bob’s email signature file reads as follows . . .

“Honesty and integrity separate golf from other sports,” and that’s how I do business!

Below are three more reasons why this placement is a great story:

  1. This is the second $50,000 placement fee that Bob and Jerry have split in Top Echelon Network! They also placed a Senior Director of Quality in July of 2010. The fee: $50,000 even.
  2. Bob started recruiting in 1979. Jerry started recruiting in 1986. That’s 67 years of combined recruiting experience.
  3. Bob joined the Network in 2006. Jerry joined the Network in 1993. That’s 33 years of Top Echelon Network membership.

There is no substitute for experience in recruiting, and more importantly, there is no substitute for integrity in recruiting. No matter how the rules of recruiting change, the foundation of the success of Top Echelon Network has been and always will be built upon the character of recruiters like Bob Wylan.

And THAT is what makes this placement such a great story.

— — —

Largest Split Fee of the Month:

Bob Wylan of R.A. Wylan and Co., Inc.

Bob Wylan

Jerry Brown of Technical Management Advisors

Jerry Brown

Bob Wylan of firm name here and Gerald Brown of Technical Management Advisors

The position for this split placement was a VP of Manufacturing Operations. Wylan was the job order recruiter, and Brown was the candidate recruiter.

The action that stimulated this split placement was listed as, “Regular communication with a Top Echelon Network member.”

The fee for this split placement was $51,250.

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