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Matt DeutschOkay, so you’re already a member of our “Split Placements for Recruiters” group on LinkedIn.

What’s that?  You’re not?  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Join immediately by clicking on this link.

Done?  Okay, where was I?  Ah, yes.  Okay, so you’re already a member of our “Split Placements for Recruiters” group on LinkedIn.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  We also happen to have two other groups on LinkedIn for recruiters.

One of them is called “Software Solutions for Recruiters” and the other one is called “Website Strategies for Recruiters.”  The nature of these groups mirrors their names.

“Software Solutions for Recruiters” includes topics pertaining to any and all software that recruiters use to run their desks more effectively and make more placements.

(Of course, our recruiting software Big Biller, might be discussed from time to time . . . but you probably already guessed that.)

Meanwhile, “Website Strategies for Recruiters” includes topics that pertain to ways in which recruiters can leverage the power of the Internet—and specifically their website—to secure more job orders, attract more qualified candidates, and make more placements.

Remember, you do NOT have to be a Big Biller customer or have a Hiring Hook website to be a member of these groups.  You just have to be a recruiter who wants to discuss these particular topics and share valuable information that could lead to more business for everybody involved.

Click here to join ‘Software Solutions for Recruiters.


Click here to join ‘Website Strategies for Recruiters.’


Click here to join ‘Split Placements for Recruiters.’

So join us . . . let’s have some fun and make some money!  I’m serious—join us.  Remember, we know where most of you live.  Let’s do this the easy way, shall we?

Don’t make me get Drea involved.


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