In the Top Echelon Network Spotlight: Kim Taynor

It’s a perfectly natural occurrence for a recruiter to be skeptical about Top Echelon’s recruiting network.

A network of recruiters who share job orders and candidates and who work together to make split placements? And they share the fee . . . willingly? And they do it over and over and over again?

Yes, yes, and yes. Once again, though, it’s understandable if prospective members are skeptical at the outset of the application process. It’s understandable if they’re still somewhat skeptical even after they’ve joined.

That initial skepticism does not keep these members from enjoying success. Quite the contrary, some skeptics have become consistent producers and some have even grown into Top Producers. We’ve had examples in recent issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog:

You can add Kim Taynor of Career Path Staffing to this list. That’s because she, too, was skeptical about Top Echelon Network prior to joining its ranks.

Kim Taynor of Career Path Staffing

Kim Taynor

“I was hesitant to join TEN initially, but I’ve learned that it is a great way to learn about other recruiting firms and different industries and to be able to collaborate with other recruiters,” said Kim.

Kim, who specializes in the Oil & Gas and Construction industries, has enjoyed quite a bit of success in a short amount of time in the Network. She’s made 23 split placements to date, 10 in 2020 and 12 last year. Any skepticism or concerns that she had at the outset of her membership have been erased and replaced with excitement and enthusiasm.

“My viewpoint has changed because I have been privileged to work with some great recruiting firms,” said Kim. “They’ve been highly responsive and contributed to my success.”

Of Kim’s 23 splits, 19 of them have been with Linda Blakemore of Atlantic Pacific Group, Inc. In each instance, Linda was the job order recruiter and Kim was the candidate recruiter. However, Kim has worked both sides of the placement process as a member.

“I really wanted to diversify the type of jobs that I was working on and be able to network with other firms and recruiters,” she said. “I also wanted an avenue to post internal jobs of mine that were difficult to fill.”

According to Kim, below are four additional takeaways that have been instrumental to her success as a member of Top Echelon Network:

#1—Access to high-quality candidates

We all know it’s a candidates’ market. High-quality candidates are in demand, and they’re tough to find. That’s part of the value that Network membership offers to recruiters who are looking for top talent to fill their clients’ job openings.

“Top Echelon Network is a great avenue for some of my ‘purple squirrel’ positions, especially after I have exhausted my internal resources to locate the right candidate,” said Kim. “Additionally, I have received candidates who are great matches for some of my positions.”

#2—Leveraging the resources (and knowledge) of other recruiters

Sourcing candidates and making placements is just one of the benefits of Network membership. (Although we admit that it’s a pretty big benefit.). Another one involves acquiring expertise from other recruiters and learning from their experience to “plant the seeds” for even more success.

“The benefits of membership include being part of a community of recruiters and expanding my knowledge base about recruiting in various industries and jobs that I may not have worked on previously,” said Kim. “I also enjoy working on jobs in different geographical areas. And of course, there’s the financial benefit!”

#3—Friendship and camaraderie

One of the reasons that Kim was skeptical before she joined the Network was the nature of the recruiting profession, mainly that it’s so competitive. She knew that some recruiters are territorial and are not in the habit of sharing information, even if it might benefit them.

Kim was pleased to discover that there are no such problems in the Network. In fact, what she found was a sense of camaraderie and the chance to make friends while also making placements.

“Because the staffing world is so competitive, I was unsure of how the Network could be successful,” said Kim. “However, there is a camaraderie and over time and you’re able to identify other like-minded firm owners who have similar recruiting styles and values.”

#4—Networking, networking, networking!

The key to the camaraderie and relationship building—as well as to making placements—is networking. According to Kim, it’s difficult to enjoy the type of success you want to enjoy in the Network without investing time in the process and in other members.

“I would recommend joining Core Groups, even if it’s just to learn about what positions are hot right now and network with other recruiters,” she said. “Being responsive is especially important, too.”

There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical of the Network before you become a member. But by practicing The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network and adhering to them, you’ll not only erase your skepticism, but you’ll also enjoy split placement success and position yourself to become a Top Producer!

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