In the Top Echelon Network Spotlight: Brian Abrams

When Brian Abrams of PMO Partners joined Top Echelon Network on Valentine’s Day in 2020, he told Top Echelon Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti that he was going to be a Top Producer and bill a quarter of a million dollars through Top Echelon.

A man of his word, Brian has done exactly that . . . and he did so during a global pandemic.

Since joining Top Echelon, Brian has made a total of 55 split placements. Those placements have generated a cash-in total of $255K. These numbers are all the more impressive considering the fact that Brian did not know exactly what to expect when he joined.

Brian Abrams of PMO Partners

Brian Abrams

“I wasn’t really sure [what to expect],” he said. “I had been a part of split networks before, but not one as robust as Top Echelon.”

The good news is that Brian and PMO Partners “brought a lot to the table.” The other members of the agency include Trisha Champa, Director of Partner & Client Services, and Tiffany Pike.

“We have very strong relationships with our clients and a strong understanding of the reqs we work on,” said Brian. “Usually, if a partner can find us a strong candidate, we can get an interview, and ultimately, a placement.”

According to Brian, below are four additional takeaways that have been instrumental to his success as a member of Top Echelon Network:

#1—An inner core group of split partners is key.

Early on, Brian understood the importance of building and maintaining relationships in Top Echelon Network. However, he’s also come to understand why an inner core group of split recruiting partners is even more critical when it comes to completing search assignments.

“While creating relationships with interesting recruiters from all across the country, I have developed a trusted ‘go to’ group of recruiters to help me with the toughest reqs,” said Brian.

#2—TE is a valuable source of candidates.

Qualified candidates are in short supply these days, to say the least. According to Brian, he leverages the resources available in the Network to source more of the candidates that his clients want to hire.

“The Network is particularly good at bringing candidates to the table quickly, so I’ve found it to be very useful for breaking into new clients,” he said. “Many of my newer clients have been opened due to the Network finding me that perfect candidate.”

#3—You can make direct and contract splits.

Direct hire deals are not the only split placements you can make in Top Echelon Network. Brian has found that he can fill his contract job orders with Top Echelon candidates, as well. In fact, so far he’s made nearly $90K in contract fees through TE.

“I was mainly looking for a resource to help me recruit for my permanent reqs, as my business is mostly built around placing consultants,” said Brian, who specializes in placing IT project managers and business systems analysts. “But I found that TE has been helpful with my contract positions, as well.”

#4—Treat your split partners like your clients.

When it comes to giving advice to newer members, Brian advocates something that Top Echelon has advocated since the inception of its recruiting network.

“I would advise new members to treat their network partnerships like they treat their clients,” he said. “These relationships need to maintained and kept alive. Make sure you are communicating well with your partners with each req, but don’t forget to follow up with those [partners] you haven’t spoken to in a while.”

Although Brian Abrams didn’t know exactly what to expect when he joined Top Echelon Network a little more than two years ago, he knows what to expect now. Namely, he expects not just a return on his investment, but the continued growth of what has become an integral part of his recruiting desk and his business.

“Although being part of the Network has comes with challenges, I have seen a dramatic increase in placements and revenue since joining,” said Brian. “I view the Network as a critical part of PMO Partners’ success and something that is part of the company’s overall growth plan.”

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