How NOT to Ask Another Top Echelon Network Recruiter for Information

At Top Echelon Network, we’re ALL about communication.  After all, it’s one of the Four Pillars of the Network.  However, there’s a right way to communicate with other Preferred Members of Top Echelon Network, and there’s a wrong way.

In this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” Communications Coordinator Matt Deutsch and Membership Development Coordinator Drea Codispoti present an extreme example in order to illustrate the wrong way to ask another recruiter for information when attempting to switch niches.)


For a further explanation about how Top Echelon Network recruiters should approach this subject, read Drea’s post in this week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  And if there are other issues that you believe we should address in “Top Echelon TV” (with or without the “Top Echelon TV players,” let us know about them.  Send an email to

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