Happy (Belated) Birthday . . . to Top Echelon Network!

Mark Demaree

Mark Demaree

We seem to do the same thing every year . . . we forget our own birthday!  Top Echelon Network turned 22 years old earlier this month, and although it’s taken us a couple of weeks to realize it, we’d like to mention this milestone.  As we’ve mentioned before, the first issue ofThe Pinnacle newsletter was sent to the Membership on March 8, 1988, so that date has traditionally been used to mark the birth of the Network.  (Although at that time, it was referred to as Nationwide Interchange Service, or NIS.)

Sending that first issue out via snail mail was Top Echelon founder Mike Kappel, who although is no longer immersed in the day-to-day activities of the Network, can still sometimes be found at our larger conferences.  Others who still frequent such events are the Charter Members of the Network, those who joined us in 1988 and have been with us the whole way.  A list of those Members is below:

  • Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems
  • Mike Moertl of M.A. Moertl & Associates, Inc.
  • Mark Suss of Contract Placement Associates
  • Lou Michaels of Lou Michaels Associates, Inc.
  • Carlene White of White/TemTech, LLC

I’d like to personally thank these Preferred Members for their steadfast commitment to the ideas and beliefs of Top Echelon Network, for their dedication to networking and split placements, and for their determination to persevere during the tough times.  And I’d also like to thank every Preferred Member of the Network.  Without you, there would be no us.  That’s something we won’t soon forget.

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