Top Echelon Network Recruiting Firms Celebrating Anniversaries

Celebrating 20-Year Anniversaries

Daryl Murken

Daryl Murken

Career Placement

Agency Join Date: March 1, 1990

“It was very interesting to be a part of developing the Nationwide Interchange Service as it was initially called.  The first few conventions were very valuable for me.  During that time the conventions emphasized training & education relative to become a better recruiter.  Those meets were always packed.  I was just getting my recruiting business moving ahead & the network was very helpful.


“It was interesting to see the network grow significantly.  Let’s hope that this history continues.”


Celebrating 15-Year Anniversaries

Don Walker, CPC

Don Walker, CPC

Search Team One

Agency Join Date: March 17, 1995

“It is hard to believe 15 years have transpired since we stepped out in faith, partnering with (NIS) TE 15 years ago.  It has been a great ride with many split placements, unbelievable training, and friendships along the way.   As I have said many times:  With TE resources. reliable trading partners. hard work and respect, the placements take care of themselves.  Most gratifying over the years has been TE’s technical commitment to continually improve systems and software, making it easier for us all.  Thanks TE for making us all better.  Best wishes for the future.”


Celebrating 10-Year Anniversaries

Don Hunter

Don Hunter

Bay Resource Group

Agency Join Date: March 1, 2000

“It seems like just yesterday that Mary Nurrenbrock was nagging me to join some recruiter network out of Ohio.  Ten years and 71 placements later, I can say thanks, Mary, and thanks to all my TE Partners . . . except for you, Haluska!”


– — –

Jill-Kohler Easley

Easley Resource Group, Inc.

Agency Join Date: March 22, 2000

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