Top Echelon Network Welcomes Three New Preferred Member Firms

Top Echelon Network, the leading split placement network of recruiters, would like to welcome three new recruiting firm owners to its Preferred Membership:

1. Amy Allison of Allison & Genna Executive Recruiting Group in San Jose, Ca.
2. Scott Godbey of Executive Elevation, LLC in Reading, Pa.
3. Tom Plamondon of Northview Health Solutions, LLC in Caro, Mich.

Allison specializes in Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Engineering;  Godbey specializes in Engineering, Marketing, and Sales; and Plamondon specializes in Imaging, Lab, Pharmacy, and Rehab.

If you’re a recruiter interested in split placements, you might want to consider applying for Preferred Membership to Top Echelon Network. If you’re looking for the best recruiters in the industry to help you either find a great job or the best candidates for your open position, visit

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