Go to Chicago, Find Trading Partners, and Make Split Placements!

Matt DeutschIt doesn’t matter how much social media takes over our lives.

It doesn’t matter how big the Internet grows and how much it influences all aspects of our lives.

It doesn’t matter how prevalent texting becomes, or sending instant messages, for that matter.

There is absolutely, positively no substitute for meeting somebody face-to-face.  This is also the case in the world of business . . . including when it comes to recruiting.  The instances are numerous, and the benefits can be endless.

For example, there’s conducting company visits, which can help recruiters to solidify their business relationship and the chances that hiring authorities will enlist your help in finding the very best candidates for their open positions.  Just ask Preferred Member firm MJ Recruiters, LLC.  That firm’s recruiters visit clients and prospective clients all the time, and they’ve enjoyed high levels of production despite the current economic malaise.

However, this article is not about company visits (although that’s a great topic).  It’s about another way that meeting face-to-face can help your business, and that’s by meeting other recruiters in person.  This is especially if split placements are part of your business model, which they obviously are, if you’re part of a split placement network like Top Echelon.

That’s why I want you to mark these dates on your calendar—Thursday, October 20, and Friday, October 21.  Why should you do that?  Because they’re the dates of the 2011 Top Echelon Network Fall Conference.  Why should you go?

Because Preferred Members who attend these events meet and talk with other recruiters in their industry, trade hot job orders and candidates, and eventually make split placements.

What proof?  I hope so, because we have plenty.  Split placements have resulted from every one the events that we’ve held down through the years, from the very first conference to our last National Convention, which was held last month in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

I’ll be publishing some of that proof in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog over the next several weeks.  I’ll also be publishing the agenda for the Fall Conference over the summer, probably sometime in August.

In the meantime, though, mark these dates on your calendar—Thursday, October 20, and Friday, October 21—and make plans to join us at the Embassy Suites in Chicago.  (We’ll have more information about the hotel in future issues of the newsletter, as well).  Because, bottom line, this is what we want to happen:

  1. We want you to attend the Fall Conference.
  2. We want you to meet other recruiters in your industry and niche, preferably ones that you haven’t worked with before.
  3. We want you to get to know these other recruiters and share hot job orders and information.
  4. We want you to make more split placements.  Split after split after split . . . over and over again.

No matter how much the world changes, some things will always stay the same.  One of those things is the importance, not to mention the benefits, of meeting other people face-to-face.  Make the decision now.  Make the investment now.  Invest in your Preferred Membership and the future of your firm.  Join us in Chicago this fall.

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