Download Our 2019 Recruiting Industry Report

Top Echelon has access to quite a bit of information regarding the recruiting industry. After all, we offer membership in a split recruiting network. (You might have heard of it.)

We also offer one of the most affordable recruiting software packages on the market. (You might have heard of that, too.) And we also offer FREE recruitment agency training courses every month.

With this many services and the customers who are associated with those services, we have a large pool of recruiters from which to draw information. Recently, we tipped our toe into that pool by surveying more than 20,000 small to medium-sized independent recruiting agencies in the United States and Canada.

The result: our 2019 State of the Recruiting Industry Report!

Our FREE report on the recruiting industry

This report is chock-full of information. However, that’s not the best part about it. The best part is that it’s FREE.

That’s right—all you have to do is click on the link below, fill out some quick information, and the report is yours. Based upon the results of our survey, the report addresses where the industry has been, where it is now, and where it’s going. Everything a growing recruiter needs.

Top Echelon’s fourth annual report provides insight into:

  • How recruiters are marketing their services
  • The best methods for advertising jobs on the Internet
  • Recruiters’ biggest problems with clients
  • The top complaints clients have about candidates
  • Recruiters’ biggest problems with candidates
  • Where to advertise your jobs to reach the most candidates
  • Recruiters’ top business priorities for 2019
  • What recruiters think about the future of the profession

Was 2018 a good year for you and your agency? Do you agree with the trends identified in this report? Disagree? Have conspiracy theories of your own?

Download our FREE report!

Download the report and let us know what you think. Comment below and share your thoughts! (Or you can keep your thoughts to yourself. After all, it’s still a free country.)

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