Congratulate Our Latest Network Referral!

A few weeks ago, we announced our all-new Top Echelon Network referral program. As part of the new program, TE members can earn a $130 referral credit for a successful referral. And as we noted, that’s like getting a month of Network membership for free! (Not including any brokerage fees, of course.)

That being said, please congratulate our latest Network referral!

  • Patti Cusack and Artemis Precision Search joined Top Echelon Network on July 24.
  • Current member Brian Haugh of the Chicago Search Group referred Patti and Artemis Precision Search.
  • We credited Chicago Search Group’s July invoice $130!

Initially, we announced that you had to wait two months to receive your referral credit. Well, guess what? We’ve decided to credit the referrer’s account as soon as the agency they refer becomes a member! Why wait? Life is short.

Congratulate and celebrate!

So we’d like to congratulate Brian on his referral. And we’d also like to congratulate Patti on becoming a member of the Network. Welcome, Patti! We’re looking forward to helping you make as many split placements as the Chicago Search Group! (That would be 20 and counting.)

For those of you who are late to the party:

  • There’s no limit to the number of referrals that you give us. If you submit 12 referrals that become members, then essentially your Network membership dues for one year will be paid.
  • If you’re the main contact of your firm, the $130 will be credited to your account and taken off your invoice. But if you’re NOT the main contact of your firm, then the $130 will still be credited to the account of the Network firm for which you work.
  • Those recruiters who successfully refer new Network members will receive special mention in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!
  • The increase in the amount of the referral fee only applies to Network membership. The referral fee for the Big Biller recruiting software and Top Echelon Contracting is still $100.
  • We’re keeping track of how many referrals you give us. At the end of the year, we’ll announce the name of the Network member who has given us the most referrals.

And also as we announced before, we have a special page where you can submit your referral information.

Click here to submit your Network referrals!

We want to congratulate YOU on successfully submitting a Network referral. Then we want to credit your account $130. And then we want you submit more referrals.

Yes, we just want, want, want all the time. But we’re also willing to give, give, give. So start the process and give us what we want! Which, of course, will help you in the long run.

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