NEW: Run an Online Quote to Calculate Your Profit

Back in May, we introduced Top Echelon Contracting’s new service level offering—TEC Express. Shortly after that, we announced that there was an online quote on the Top Echelon website that would allow recruiters to calculate their profit on an Express deal.

Well, we have another announcement. You can now run an online quote for the Premium level of service!

TEC Express is designed for contractors who are “office professionals” and would qualify for the Workers Compensation Code 8810 (or equivalent). Since the new Express service level is targeting only office professionals, we can pass more profit along to the recruiter. Express is also designed to streamline the placement process.

TEC Premium, on the other hand, is the service that we’ve offered since 1992. Premium is a full-service recruitment back office solution for technical, professional, and healthcare placements.

Online quote = Recruiter Profit Calculator

We also refer to the online quote as our Recruiter Profit Calculator. When you calculate a quote, you must enter the following information:

  • Bill rate, which is the rate that TEC will bill your client
  • Pay rate, which is the rate that TEC will pay the contractor
  • The state in which the contractor will work

With that information, the Recruiter Profit Calculator will calculate your profit per hour for both Express and Premium. You will also be able to see which services are included for both Express and Premium. (As you might expect, we provide more services with Premium.)

Keep in mind that the profit per hour estimates are just that: estimates. They’re based upon the selected contract placement services, the bill rate, the pay rate, and the state. They do not represent the exact amount of profit that you will earn. While they are approximations, they are close approximations. They illustrate the amount of money that you can earn by making contract placements.

For example, let’s use the following criteria for a sample online quote:

  • $50 per hour bill rate
  • $30 per hour pay rate
  • Ohio

Using that criteria, the estimated recruiter profit per hour for Express is $12.74. On the other hand, the estimated recruiter profit per hour for Premium is $10.26.

If this was an actual quote, there would be other considerations. These include the industry, the position title, the job description, etc. But the online quote is a starting place for exploring the money that you can earn making contract placements.

Run a quote on the Recruiter Profit Calculator!

Top Echelon has plenty of FREE resources to help you get started. For example, you can download our Quick-Start Guide to Contract Staffing. We also have marketing documents to help you promote your contract staffing services.

And of course, you can request a demo from one of our contract staffing specialists.

You can make money with contract placements. Don’t give that money to your competitors!

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