‘Compliments Extra’: Another ‘First Placement Edition’!

At Top Echelon Network, we like to highlight recruiters who have made their first split placement as a Preferred Member . . . and we get to do it again this week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!

To be honest, we had some help in the form of Preferred Member recruiter Debra Stitt, CPC of Quality Source, Inc. of Ohio.  Stitt and Tom Mitlo of the Orion Delta Group made a split placement recently, and it was Mitlo’s first split in the Network.

'Comments' and Compliments ExtraWhat’s noteworthy about this split placement (other than the fact it’s Mitlo’s first) is the way in which it happened.  As you can see from Stitt’s comments below, Mitlo was proactive, contacting Stitt about the job order she had posted in the Top Echelon Network Split Database.  To paraphrase his Trading Partner, “the rest was history.”

In addition, this split placement underscores two of the Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network (if not all four).  Those two Pillars are Communication and Active Participation.  Mitlo was proactive, and his communication was instrumental in making this split placement happen.

Congratulations to Tom Mitlo for his first split placement in Top Echelon Network, and thanks to Debra Stitt for the comments she submitted!

If you’d like to compliment a Trading Partner in a more extensive manner regarding a split placement, email your comments and information to marketing@topechelon.com.

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Debra Stitt, CPCTom Mitlo“Tom and Gina were outstanding to work with.  Tom called me, asked me what I needed, sent me two outstanding candidates, and the rest is history.  I’m honored that I could be the one to facilitate their first placement in TE.  Orion Delta Group, you guys rock!”

Fee Percentage—25%

Submitted by Debra Stitt, CPC of Quality Source, Inc. of Ohio regarding her split placement with Tom Mitlo of the Orion Delta Group


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