Check Out Top Echelon’s Brand-New Help Center

In our ongoing efforts to help our customers be as successful as possible, we at Top Echelon are pleased to announce the release of our all-new Help Center!

There are two main parts to the new Help Center, clearly marked with links at the top of the main page:

  1. Top Echelon Recruiting Software
  2. Top Echelon Network

While most recruiters who are members of Top Echelon’s recruiting network also use Top Echelon’s recruiting software (formerly called Big Biller), not every Network member does. This is one of the reasons why we have separated the Help Center topics regarding these two products/services.

The new Help Center offers a more robust search functionality, so that you can find the answers to your questions more quickly. As you can see, the search bar is presented front at center at the top of the Help Center’s main page.

The main page also contains tile buttons for quick access regarding both Top Echelon Recruiting Software and Top Echelon Network. Each tile lists a subject heading and the number of articles in the Help Center that relate to the subject.

When you click on the Top Echelon Network link at the bottom of the Help Center’s main page, you’ll be presented with the most popular articles regarding Network membership. We’ve grouped these articles as follows:

  • Getting Started with the Top Echelon Network
  • Searching Network Jobs
  • Network Recruiter Alerts
  • Network Candidates Overview
  • Setting Permissions for Managing Your TEN Jobs Feed
  • Working Network Jobs
  • Opting Your Firm’s Resumes into the Network Candidates Database
  • Network Discussion Forum
  • TEN Jobs Feed
  • Searching Network Recruiters

You can also view and access the categories in the left sidebar of the main Top Echelon Network page. The categories consist of FAQs, Settings, Sharing Candidates, and Sharing Jobs.

Click HERE to visit our new Help Center!

We hope that our new Help Center will help you leverage the power of both your Network membership and our recruiting software so that you can save time and money and also make more placements.

As always, we’re not successful unless YOU are, and that’s why we’re always striving to make the products, services, and support that we offer the best they can possibly be!

If you have any questions about the new Help Center, please send an email to

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