All Recruiters in TE: We Want Your Craziest Stories!

In the past, we’ve asked you to submit your craziest recruiting stories. In fact, we even had a contest one year.

Guess what? We’re doing it again! (Well, maybe not the contest part.)

You may have noticed that we recently made an announcement on the official Top Echelon Blog about wanting crazy recruiting stories. However, we’re now making a specific request of Network recruiters regarding these stories.

The reason we’re doing this is because historically, Top Echelon Network recruiters have provided the best and craziest stories.

Now all recruiters have crazy stories, but Network members have come through with unique tales of woe time and time again. For example . . .

These are just a few of the gems that Top Echelon Network recruiters have sent to us through the years. But we’re betting that you have more stories—many more stories, as a matter of fact. There is always something crazy happening in the recruiting profession.

So even though we’re not holding a contest this time, we’re still seeking the craziest stories you have. This invitation is open to all recruiters in Top Echelon Network, both firm owners and individual recruiters.

As we’ve mentioned before, these stories could be about clients. They could be about candidates. They could even be about another recruiter. They could be about all three. It doesn’t matter. They just have to be unusual in a way that stretches the boundaries of believe-ability.

There are two ways you can submit your craziest recruiting story:

  • You can email your story to
  • You can add the story in the comments section at the end of this blog post.

Keep in mind that you can remain anonymous if you would like, and by submitting your story, you give us permission to include the story in a future blog or social media post. Because we don’t just want to collect the crazy . . . we want to share it, as well!

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One response to “All Recruiters in TE: We Want Your Craziest Stories!”

  1. Jack King says:

    Many years ago (early 1980’s when the oil patch was hot as a pistol), I received a faxed resume from England from a USA citizen sales hand in the oil patch selling treating chemicals. He was passing through and would be there a day or two. Later that morning I got a call from England from the sales manager of a US company that was in the sames industry. He needed a sales rep in the Middle East so I told him the highlights from the morning resume. He asked can he have lunch tomorrow? I checked and since they were near each other, my candidate said yes and I reported the details to the sales manager. At lunch the next day they hit it off well and we had offer and acceptance on the same day. He started two weeks later and the company paid my 30% invoice.
    The deal set my all time records for:
    1. The fastest placement I ever made.
    2. The least time I ever invested in a deal.
    3. The greatest aggregate distance of hiring manager and candidate.
    4. My record dumb luck deal!