Ask a Top Echelon Network Top Producer: Rebecca Kohn

Rebecca KohnThe best way to find out how to enjoy success in Top Echelon Network . . . is to ask the Top Producers how they’ve enjoyed success.  Makes sense, right?  Well, that’s exactly what we did, and now we’re going to present their answers in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

This week, we’re highlighting Rebecca Kohn of Affinity Executive Search.  Rebecca is currently ranked 20th overall in the Network in terms of production.  She’s made a total of 13 split placements in Top Echelon Network during the past three years.  Her specialty is Agriculture, Animal Science, and Food Processing.

We asked Rebecca some questions to find out exactly what she’s doing right in the Network and how she’s making split placements.  Our questions—and her answers—are listed below.  Thanks, Rebecca . . . and congratulations!

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1. What factors have led to your success as a Preferred Member?

“Help from God and Trading Partners who are very patient and trustworthy and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we are successful.”

2. How have The Four Pillars of the Network (Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation) played a role in your success?

“My Trading Partners are completely trustworthy people who tell me what they’re looking for and communicate what is actually going on with the company, so that I know how to prioritize my time.  They are also really good recruiters!”

3. Have Regional Core Groups, Virtual Core Groups, or attending Top Echelon conferences and conventions played a role in your success?  If so, how?

“I haven’t attended [a convention] yet, but I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming one in Fort Lauderdale.”

4. How have the split placements you’ve made in the Network enhanced the overall production of your recruiting desk?

“Dramatically. Almost every split placement I’ve made has been through Top Echelon.”

5. What is your philosophy regarding split placements (i.e., how they fit into your business model, how many you strive to make in a given year, etc.)

“I make many more placements, and therefore much more money, when I focus on split placements.  I try to make as many as possible.”

6. If a new Member asked your advice about how to find good Trading Partners, what would you tell them?

“Find a Core Group of people you can trust and whose job orders you can basically understand.  If you’re an exporter, look for recruiters with good client control.”

7. What other advice would you give a new Member?

“Be persistent.  Really persistent.”

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