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Yes, that’s right. We’re back with more recruiting software best practices and tips. As per usual, these are “Did You Know?” tips associated with Big Biller. These tips have run in the news section of Big Biller, and now they’re here in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

And also as per usual, a link to a Help Center article and/or video that explains the feature in more detail accompanies each tip. (Spoiler alert: the Help Center is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide assistance.)

The next three tips for users of the Big Biller applicant tracking software are listed below. Don’t forget to backtrack and see our previous entries in this series. Because hey, the more tips, the better.

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Did You Know . . . You Can Email Candidates from a Pipeline?

Did you know . . . that a Pipeline is the best place to work your job orders and qualify your candidates within the Big Biller recruitment software? If email correspondence is a regular part of your qualification process, you can send individual or mass emails directly from your candidate list of a job order’s Pipeline.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about how to email candidates from a Pipeline!

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Did You Know . . . About Reminders for Scheduled Activities?

Do you want to be alerted when a timed activity is approaching? Big Biller will display an event reminder when a Remind Me time is applied to any timed activity. When the reminder date and time arrive, you’ll see the event reminder window displayed in the top left-hand corner of the database.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about reminders for scheduled activities!

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Did You Know . . . the Person Type Field?

Within the Big Biller online recruiting software, the People tab houses all of your candidates AND all of your contacts. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure to label all of your people records appropriately if you wish to search by Person Type.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about the Person Type field!

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Check future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for another installment of “Did You Know?”

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