August Anniversary Celebrations in the Network

Welcome to our next installment of anniversary celebrations in Top Echelon’s recruiter network! As you probably know, we value loyalty, commitment, and longevity. That’s why we started this feature, to highlight those agencies that have exhibited all three down through the years.

And we have some big anniversaries to celebrate in this issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog! In fact, we have four anniversary celebrations over 20 years:

  • Command Consultants, Inc. (27 years)
  • EXEK Recruiters, Ltd. (24 years)
  • Med Exec International/MEIRxRS (24 years)
  • (21 years)

Anniversary celebrations . . . and money!

Last month, we started publishing the cash-in totals of the agencies highlighted for anniversaries. This month, we’re going to continue that practice. Sadly, the overall amount for the month of August pales in comparison to July. That’s because the amount for July was $6,767,969.

The amount for August is not “chump change” by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not six million dollars. It is, in fact, $3,876,236. That’s the total amount that the agencies listed below have billed as members of Top Echelon Network.

In fact, one of the agencies, EXEK Recruiters, is a Million Dollar Producer. EXEK has billed close to $1.3 million since joining the Network in 1993. However, we’d like to congratulate every agency and recruiter listed below. They’ve made great contributions to the success of our split network. For that, we are grateful.

(Editor’s note: Top Echelon recognizes firms celebrating five, 10, 15, and 20-year Network anniversaries, plus any firm celebrating an anniversary in excess of 20 years.)

— — —

27-Year Anniversary

Command Consultants, Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee
Staff Members: Mark London
Agency Join Date: August 22, 1990
Placements: 76
Career cash-in: $655,695

— — —

24-Year Anniversary

EXEK Recruiters, Ltd. in Rochester, New York
Staff Members: Larry Ploscowe
Agency Join Date: August 19, 1993
Placements: 141
Career cash-in: $1,261,468

Med Exec International/MEIRxRS in Glendale, California
Staff Members: Rosemarie Christopher, Jan Clements, Lewis Casey, and Paul Dionne
Agency Join Date: August 23, 1993
Placements: 61
Career cash-in: $606,958

— — —

21-Year Anniversary in Ojai, California
Staff Members: Michael Muller
Agency Join Date: August 29, 1996
Placements: 28
Career cash-in: $219,534

— — —

15-Year Anniversary

Welsh & Associates, Inc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Staff Members: Sheri Welsh, John Mayer, Anne Charette, Jerry Wallace, and Maryann Flynn
Agency Join Date: August 5, 2002
Placements: 19
Career cash-in: $159,388

— — —

10-Year Anniversary

Eric V. Stearley, CPC & Associates in Brazil, Indiana
Staff Members: Eric V. Stearley, CPC
Agency Join Date: August 1, 2007
Placements: 27
Career cash-in: $216,871

One Source Technical, Inc. in Solon, Ohio
Staff Members: Jim Folger, CPC; Jimmy Folger, Ryan Folger, and Andy Johnson
Agency Join Date: August 1, 2007
Placements: 19
Career cash-in: $163,064

Ron Sunshine Associates, LLC in Frisco, Texas
Staff Members: Ron Sunshine and Stacy Moscowitz
Agency Join Date: August 29, 2007
Placements: 58
Career cash-in: $593,258

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