Apple Edges Cameron by One Split Placement for Honors

Not only did we have a first-time winner of “The Recruiter of the Month” award for December, but we also have a first-time winner of the “The Recruiter of the Quarter” award.

And that winner is the same person!

Top-Producing RecruitersThe person is question is Debi Apple of Apple & Assoc., who enjoyed a big fourth quarter in 2012.  She made six split placements, which was just enough to top perennial award winner Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group.

As a bonus, we’ve included an expanded format with our award announcements.  As you can see below, we’ve listed the top five recruiters in Top Echelon Network during the fourth quarter of 2012.  We wanted to recognize more recruiters for their accomplishments within the Network, and we thought this would be a great way to do it!

For more information about the placements and cash-in totals associated with these recruiters, please login to the Members’ Area and view the profiles and placement details of the recruiters involved.

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Debi Apple of Apple & Assoc., Inc.

Apple, who was also the “Recruiter of the Month” for the month of December, made six split placements during the fourth quarter of last year.  That was the most of any recruiter in Top Echelon Network and one more than Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group, who earned Recruiter of the Year honors for 2012.

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Recruiter: Trey Cameron
Firm: Cameron Craig Group
# of split placements: five (5)

Recruiter: David Wood, CPC
Firm: The David Wood Company
# of split placements: four (4)

Recruiter: Georgette Sandifer
Firm: Gallman Consulting
# of split placements: three (3)

Recruiter: Chuck Szajkovics
Firm: Bulldog Recruiters, Inc.
# of split placements: three (3)

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Our criteria for these recognition awards:

Top Echelon Network is a split placement network.  As such, we place an emphasis on split placements, and that emphasis constitutes the basis of our criteria for these recognition awards.  We determine the quarterly award winners based upon two factors, which are listed below in order of importance:

1.) The number of split placements made
2.) The amount of cash-in dollars earned as a result of those split placements

In other words, the number of split placements that recruiters make is our first consideration.  In the event of a tie, the cash-in total earned from those split placements is the deciding factor and serves to break the tie.  Obviously, the recruiter with more cash-in dollars in the event of a tie is the recruiter who wins the recognition award.

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