Another TE Conference Attended . . . Another Split Placement Made!

We’ve said this before . . . but we’ll say it again, because it bears repeating.

Recruiters who attend Top Echelon Network conferences and conventions are more likely to make split placements.

There’s evidence of this all the time, everywhere, after every event that we hold. No matter how many recruiters attend, split placements result from the meeting.  And why is this important?

Amy Recker, CPCWell, because the 2011 Top Echelon Network Fall Conference will be here before you know it.  In fact, the conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 20, and Friday, October 21, at the Embassy Suites in Chicago.  Even though that seems like it’s a long time away, it isn’t.  That’s why we’ll be releasing the preliminary agenda for the conference in the near future, maybe even as early as next week.

In the meantime, we’re going to highlight one of the many split placements that resulted from a recent Top Echelon Network event.  In this case, that event was the regional conference we held in Tampa, Fla., at the beginning of 2010.

Of the over 30 recruiters who attended the event, two of them were Amy Recker of Bridgeway Professionals, Inc. and Frank Gregg of Gregg & Associates.  Recker and Gregg met each other for the first time and discussed their business and their firms.  Those conversations eventually led to a split placement when Gregg saw a job order that Recker had posted in the Network’s Split Jobs Database and contacted her about one of his passive candidates.

Because Recker met Gregg at the regional conference in Tampa, she gave his candidate an extra bit of attention, and that investment of time paid off in the form of a split placement.

Recker and Gregg eventually placed a VP of Operations for a VERY substantial fee.  (While it’s our policy to not publish placement fees in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, since it’s on the World Wide Web, I recommend logging into the Members’ Area to view the details associated with this placement.)

Frank Gregg“This is proof that it pays to post your most recent job orders on the TE site,” said Recker.  “Having met Frank at the regional meeting in Florida last year, I knew enough about his opinion of the candidate he shared.  The candidate gets a great new job, our client gets a sharp new VP, we get more job orders from this client, and Frank gets a free round of golf!”

The bottom line: if Recker and Gregg had not attended the regional conference in Tampa, they would not have made this split placement and earned a large fee in the process.  When it comes to Top Echelon Network conferences and conventions, sometimes you just have to find a way to get there . . . the rest seems to take care of itself.

That’s why we want you to find a way to get to the 2011 Fall Conference in Chicago.  Meeting one recruiter at one conference could be the first step to a new Trading Partner relationship and significant split placement revenue.

So, we’ve said it before . . . and there’s no doubt we’ll be saying it again.

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