A Breakdown of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, so why not? Actually, it’s a good time to do so, since Top Echelon Network recently celebrated its 30th birthday. Or 30th anniversary. Or whatever you would like to call it.

Anyway, The Pinnacle newsletter has been with the Network every step of the way. Even after all these years, it’s still the number-one way that we communicate with the members of the Network. The only difference is that we’re now all-digital! No more pesky home delivery of a hard copy newsletter via “snail mail.” That’s SO 1988.

No, now we have a blog that we deliver to the friendly confines of your email inbox. But let’s take a peek behind the curtain, so to speak, and break down essentially what this newsletter contains. It contains content packaged within 26 different categories. Those categories are as follows:


We recognize TE agencies celebrating certain Network anniversaries. However, we don’t celebrate every single anniversary because that would just take too darn long. But the important ones? You betcha.


What would any organization be without announcements? Of course, we also run announcements in the news section of the Members’ Area, but it never hurts to over-communicate things. Am I right . . . or am I right?

#3—Best Practices

There’s a right way to do things in our recruiting network and a wrong way. We want to show you the right way, because that’s how you make more split placements more quickly. We are only successful if you are successful. So we’re in this together.

#4—Case Studies

Along those same lines, the best way to learn how to do things right is to read about how other recruiters have done things right. Case studies are one of our most valuable categories within The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. Follow in the successful footsteps of those who have gone before you.

#5—Comments and Compliments

TE members submit comments along with their placement forms. These comments often include compliments for their split recruiting partners. They also represent best practices for the way to enjoy more success in the network.

#6—Conferences and Meetings

This is because, well, we have conferences and meetings in Top Echelon Network. One of these recruiter networking events is the annual National Convention, which is taking place this week in Nashville. We also have Regional Core Group meetings and members who meet each other face-to-face for food and fun.

#7—Contract Staffing

You can bill more every single year by adding contract staffing solutions to your business model. And as a recruitment back office, we can show you exactly how to do that. And one of the ways we accomplish this is through The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

#8—Core Groups

Traditional Core Groups, Virtual Core Groups, Regional Core Groups . . . all of them can help you make more money through Top Echelon Network. We’ll tell you what, when, how, why, etc. These are great tools for making more placements!

#9—General Recruiting

This is exactly what it sounds like: blog posts that have a general recruiting theme. Because we want you to make split placements through the Network AND non-split placements outside of it.

#10—Largest Split Fee of the Month

You can score some pretty big recruiter fees in our network . . . even if you do have to split them. We prove it every month with this regular feature in the newsletter, which highlights some of the big billers in TE.

#11—Largest Split Fee of the Quarter

And if we do it every month, we might as well do it every quarter. (We also, of course, announce the Largest Split Fee of the Year, but we don’t need a separate blog category for that.)


In order to get clients and candidates, you have to market to clients and candidates. Recruiters themselves admit that this does not constitute their greatest area of strength. That’s why we try to help as much as we can.

#13—Milestones and Achievements

When you’ve been in business for over 30 years, you’re going to rack up plenty of milestones. We strive to highlight as many recruiters as we can in this area, including in terms of placements made and cash-in generated. And any milestones in between.

#14—New Members

We’re jazzed when recruiting agencies join our Network. That’s why we enjoy publishing their names in The Pinnacle: to properly introduce them to the rest of the membership. These aren’t just new members; these are new potential trading partners!

#15—Poll Results

We run poll questions in the Members’ Area on a weekly basis. Then we publish the results of select polls in The Pinnacle. Not all of the results, mind you. Just select results. (We only have so much space.)

#16—Recruiter Networking

This is more of a broad category, but it’s still an important one. Networking is one of the best ways to build relationships and make more placements. That’s why we basically force you to network with each other.

#17—Recruiter of the Month

This award is based purely on production. We measure that production in terms of both placements and cash-in dollars. We put an emphasis on placements first and cash second. But we like them both. A lot.

#18—Recruiter of the Quarter

This award is also based purely on production. Like the Recruiter of the Month, we measure that production in terms of both placements and cash-in dollars. But the placements don’t count until the cash comes in—for your trading partner and for us.

#19—Recruiter of the Week

There are two things to keep in mind about this category/award. First, it’s a bit more subjective. We don’t base it on cold, hard numbers alone. We recognize TE recruiters for a wide array of things, all of which boil down to being model Network members.

#20—Recruiting Websites

If own a recruiting agency, then you should have a recruiting website. And if you have a recruiting website, then you should be using it properly. This includes with the proper recruitment website design, among other things.

#21—Social Media

Social media just won’t go away, will it? Get used to that. But in the meantime, you can use it to do your job and make more placements. Select Pinnacle Newsletter Blog posts will show you how.

#22—Split Placements

Just about every week, we run Network placements in the newsletter. We include just about everything, with the exception of the amount of the fee. The only time we publish the fee associated with a placement is when it’s a top fee. (Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s worked so far.)

#23—Success Stories

One of the best ways to discover what works is to see what works for other people. That’s why we publish success stories in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. We also publish them because we want to recognize Network recruiters for the success they’ve enjoyed and to thank them for it.

#24—Top Producers

We also like to recognize our top producers, those recruiters who make the most placements and bill the most through the Network. As you can see, there is usually quite a bit of crossover between these categories. But that’s all part of the grand design.

#25—Training Tuesday

On the first Tuesday of every month, we offer a free training webinar for customers of our Big Biller recruiting software. Every once in a while, we also offer a free webinar that involves Network best practices. In fact, we have recorded versions of past Network “Training Tuesday” webinars in The Help Center.

#26—Trends and Statistics

Recruiting is a numbers game . . . and there are a LOT of numbers. There are a lot both inside and outside of the Network, and we provide as many as we can. And because not everybody loves numbers as much as we do, we throw some recruiting trends on the fire, too, just for good measure. Who brought the marshmallows?

Now that we’ve broken the newsletter down for you, we hope that you enjoy this particular issue . . . and every issue that we send for the next 30 years.

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