$50 Off Registration AND a Chance to Attend the Convention for Free!

Matt Deutsch

As we announced in last week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we’re going to Nashsville, Tenn., for the 2012 Top Echelon Network National Convention!

We even presented the perfect case study for why you should attend the convention—namely that no matter WHO you are, you can make a split placement (and maybe multiple split placements) from attending.

As for this week?  Well, we have something special planned.

We’re always looking for new ways to either help you make money or help you save money.  Attending the convention, of course, helps you to make money since it presents split placement opportunities with other Network recruiters.  So . . . how will we help you save money?

Easy.  If you’re willing to send us a video clip of you singing your favorite country song, you’ll automatically receive $50 off the cost of registration.

AND if we pick your video as the best one that we receive, then you’ll attend the 2012 National Convention FREE of charge.  (You’ll still have to pay for hotel and travel expenses, of course.)

We’re not doing this just to save you money.  It also ties into the Gala Event that we have planned for the convention.  In addition, it’s a great way to promote the event and to enhance the networking aspect of the convention.  After all, these videos would make very good conversation starters for those recruiters who attend.

Still skeptical?  Tell you what, we’ll go first.  That’s right, we’ll be record a video of us singing a country song in the near future, just to show you how easy it is to do.  Below are some additional points to keep in mind:

  • We will be using the videos for promotional purposes.  That means putting them on YouTube and publishing them in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  So when you send us a video, you’re doing so with the expressed knowledge that we’ll be using it for these purposes.  Hey—no guts, no glory.
  • You do not have to sing the entire song.  Sing a couple of verses, if that’s all you can muster.  Of course, if you sing the whole song, you stand a better chance of going to the convention for FREE.
  • You do not have to wear cowboy garb in your video, although it’s certainly permissible.
  • You can play the song in the background while you sing along to it, or you can sing without it.
  • If you want to get two or three or more Preferred Member recruiters together to sing in the same video, that’s a-okay.  You’ll all get $50 off the cost of registration.  However, we’ll have to randomly select one person from the video to attend the convention for free.
  • Once you’ve shot your video, email it to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

Early Bird Registration for the convention, which will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, will be available two weeks from today.  In the meantime, keep an eye out for our video . . . and we’ll keep an eye out for yours.

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